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The Master’s University is continuing to grow their range of scientific study and is now offering its first ever physical science major: Geoscience! Our new geoscience major is designed for students with interests in geology, paleontology, or environmental science. This major will provide students with the training they need to understand the earth’s past and present as told through its rocks, minerals, fossils, landforms, and processes. There will be opportunities to explore breathtaking geological sites of the southwest for a first-hand learning experience. Whether you aspire to discover dinosaurs, teach high school geology, look for precious metals, or promote biblical stewardship of the environment, the university is excited to equip you for astute scientific study.

If you are interested in studying geoscience at TMU, then apply now If you have further questions about this major, feel free to contact Assistant Professor Matthew McLain at

Geosciences – or earth-related sciences – include and interact with a broad range of physical sciences such as geology, paleontology, hydrology, environmental science, and astronomy. Currently at TMU we offer several exciting geoscience courses including:

  • Essentials of Geology
  • Earth Science
  • Biology of Dinosaurs
  • Vertebrate Paleontology

For more about our upcoming Geosciences major see the information and survey below!

Be prepared for different fields including:

  • Geologist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Paleontologist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental, Geological, or Paleontological Consultant
  • Park Ranger
  • Oceanographer
  • Meteorologist
  • Astronomer
  • Physical Science Teacher

Interesting geological sites:

  • Grand Canyon, AZ
  • Death Valley, CA
  • Mono Lake, CA
  • Searles Lake Tufa Pinnacles, CA
  • Anza-Borrego Desert, CA
  • Yosemite National Park, CA
  • Sharktooth Hill, CA
  • Zion National Park, UT
  • Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
  • Dinosaur excavation in eastern Wyoming

The Master’s University will soon be starting its geoscience major!

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