Joey Kim

Assistant Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences


Biological and Physical Sciences



Dr. Kim received each of his three degrees in chemical engineering, the last two from Caltech, one of the premier engineering schools in the world. He has completed academic research in prominent facilities like Berkeley Lab in the Bay Area and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Kim initially began his academic career in pursuit of financial success, but, through God’s providence, his desires turned toward teaching at the university level. After coming to faith in Christ while at Caltech, Kim heard about The Master’s University and felt the school matched his mission: to educate young people for the glory of God. He began teaching chemistry at TMU in the fall of 2020, and he plans to be a faculty member in TMU’s engineering department, the programs of which are pending WSCUC approval. At Caltech, Kim also served as an assistant coach for the women’s basketball team.


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