When is the application deadline?

We are now accepting applications for summer 2025-2026. Applications are accepted year-round, and all students are encouraged to apply early. The summer 2025 application final deadline is October 1, 2024. Click here for the application.


Is there an application fee?

There is a $50 non-refundable fee that must be paid when applying.


How will I know if I have been accepted?

When a student completes an application, he or she will undergo an interview process to determine if the student is a good fit for the rigorous academic nature of this program.

What happens if I’m not selected or unable to participate?

If you are not selected (or are unable to participate) and still have interest in participating the following summer, email Professor Chua to keep your file open for the fall. Make sure to also email Professor Chua if the passport or health insurance information from your application changes.

Will there be a waitlist?

Yes. Students will be contacted if they are put on the waitlist.

Is financial aid offered?

No. The Master’s University is set up to only give financial aid for the fall and spring semester, there is no available financial aid for post-session programs and courses.

When do I need to pay for the program?

Students accepted into the program will need to register for classes by the end of November. Their bill will be mailed by November 20, the month after registration. After the bill is received, students will need to talk to Student Accounts to opt in to a payment plan: five payments between December or April or one payment in full due by December 10.


How can I pay for the program?

Cash or check payments may be mailed to:

21726 Placerita Canyon Road, Box 36

Santa Clarita, CA 91321

E-check payments can also be made online here.

What classes will be offered? 

The program is designed to help students graduate on-time and, if planned in advance, to graduate early. Students will meet with Professor Chua and together they will decide which classes will work best for each individual student.

How many credits are required?

Students must take 9 units.

Is food included in the program cost?

Most meals are provided in the program cost. However, students will have free time to eat on their own. To cover this, we recommend that students bring their own spending money. As an estimate, students can budget $20-25 per week for any extra meals, desserts, gelato runs and coffee breaks that they may want.

Are dietary restrictions accommodated?

Yes. Most restaurant workers can understand English and will be able to accommodate common dietary restrictions. Students should list uncommon restrictions upon application and a special card with instructions on how to accommodate the student’s restriction will be made in Italian for the student to give to restaurant workers when ordering. For dietary preferences and allergies, please communicate and coordinate with Prof. Chua regarding the practicalities of travel.


What should I bring if I have allergies?

Students with allergies should bring the proper medication (over the counter or prescribed) to combat the general summer allergies or reactions they might have in Italy. Please consult your doctor before taking any medication.

What will housing be like?

As a home-base, students will be living in a Medieval/Renaissance period villa in the Florence country-side. During the program students will take trips to other cities such as Rome and Venice, as schedules/opportunity permits. There, the students will be staying in apartments together.


What should students consider about being exposed to art forms that include nudity?

Throughout the Italy program students will be exposed to many forms of art, including representations of the human form. Sometimes, this includes nudity. We understand that in humans’ fallen state, nudity is shameful and can sear a Christian’s conscience. We don’t want to hurt any student’s conscience and if a student thinks he or she will be tempted by the nudity represented in the art all over Italy, then the student should not participate in TMU in Italy. If the student is not sure, the student can meet with Professors Chua and Horner.