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What We Offer

You can begin preparing now by taking the prerequisite courses which are available in our online general education courses.

How Do The Classes Work?

The classes are eight weeks in length and go year-round. Each week you will have various assignments that may include watching recorded lectures, reading books, writing papers, and participating in a discussion board with your online peers. You are not required to be online at the same time as your professor or your peers - you just have to get your work in on time. This means you can complete your education around your schedule!

Program Highlights

  • Every TMC Online course is taught from a Biblical worldview, and is completely consistent with the College’s doctrinal position.
  • Courses are offered in two 8-week sessions each semester during each of 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, & Summer) each academic year.
  • All major courses are offered every semester, allowing new students to begin the program during any semester.
  • Online courses use a variety of proven online instructional strategies to present content, to engage students with each other and with the instructor, and to assess student learning.