Business Department Launching Two New Emphases


This fall the Business Department will welcome two new programs: International Business and Marketing



By: Travis Shelley


Space in the second-story of the Business and Teacher Education Center will be tight this fall because next year The Master‘s College Business Department is offering two additional emphases and hiring a new fulltime faculty member, Dr. Kevin Hill.
The new emphases are international business and marketing. Hill is set to head the new marketing emphases, while TMC‘s Dr. Granados will supervise inter-national business.
TMC is growing. This year there were 383 new freshmen and next year the Department of Admissions expects even more. Taking advantage of the large influx of students, the business department is realizing its long-time dream of adding two new emphases.
With these last two emphases the business department will offer nine majors, putting the department in line with most mainstream colleges and universities. TMC students can‘t help being excited to see their school becoming more competitive.
In the past the business department has been unable to accommodate those with more of a creative, extraverted personality. There is the public relations emphases, but it‘s more of a hybrid with a communication degree and only requires a minimum of the core business classes. The marketing program will be different – with its own professor and at least three new classes designed specifically for it.
“Marketing adds a flavor to our school for someone who is not interested in accounting or finance, but has a very creative side and would enjoy the elements taught within the marketing program,” said business professor, Dwight Ham. “I think it broadens the appeal of the business department and I really see it expanding as a result.”‖
The marketing major has been in the works a long time. The business department came close last year to bringing on a new faculty member to lead it. But during the last stages of the hiring process the candidate was forced to back out.
“[In the past] we had inquiries about marketing and we‘ve had to say our school doesn‘t have that,”‖ Ham said. “Dr. Mackey‘s been a real firm believer that a marketing emphasis is something we should have, and I take my hat off to him.”
There are two classes being offered this fall specifically for marketing in addition to the Marketing Fundamentals class all business majors are required to take: Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior. Both will be taught by Hill, who is currently in the last stages of the hiring process at the college.
Hill is originally from California. He has taught business at both Sterling College in Kansas and Hope International in California. He‘s also had experience in the private sector, serving as Vice President of Operations at Glogos, Inc. Apart from the marketing classes, Hill will also take over Decision Science from Powell this fall.
The new course offerings are about more than increasing educational choices or even the résumé value of TMC students.
“It‘s [about] helping students in understanding the integrated life,” Granados said.
This will be especially true of the International Business degree, piloted by Granados, part-time business professor, full-time Bible faculty.
“The students here have inquired about international business, especially how it relates to missions,” Ham said. “How you can utilize your business background in the mission field. The international business emphasis is how to meld those two together.”
Although the curriculum will provide an industry standard education, it will also emphasize the missions potential of pursuing business overseas, providing students with the tools for the creation of wealth so they can pour it back into the culture as a change agent for Jesus Christ.
Of the three courses offered this fall for international business, Granados will teach Global Business Strategies as an introductory course and International Economy and Trade. Dr. Lisa La George in the Bible department will teach Cultural Anthropology to develop the sociological factors in dealing with other cultures.
Apart from its use on the mission field, the major is extremely relevant for today‘s business environment.
“International business is a key subject with the way markets are developing internationally and with globalization,” said sophomore business student Robert Ong. “I‘m interested in international business because all the bigger firms tend to be international, and having a general knowledge will be good when approaching those firms later on for employment.”‖
Relevant? Timely? A good idea? Yes. The expansion of the business department to include two additional emphases and four full-time professors while the college has the students and tuition money makes sense. However, it could be the department‘s last move for a while.
There is not a lot of room for expansion around the cam-pus. Building additional classrooms on the hill is expensive due to the intense grading required, while the rest of the can-yon around the school is already so developed that it too resists expansion.
In addition, Placerita Canyon is under the protection of the Placerita Canyon Homeowner‘s Association. Any move by the college to expand in the area would require approval.
“We need new facilities, there is no question about it,”‖ Ham said. “But the finances are not here right at this moment to go out and do a new building.”‖

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