Band Of Brothers:

Broad Awake Is Playing On Some Big Stages


For Josh, Isaiah and Uriah Tejada, a passion for music runs in the blood.




By: Phillip Reyes


Everything goes black when you step out. As you walk out you can hear the creaks in the floor. It‘s just a stage, but a stage that has carried artists like Neil Young, Metallica, Van Halen, Guns and Roses, Bob Marley and many other big names.

The stage at The Roxy where legends are made dreams are fulfilled or crushed. Everything goes silent like the calm before a storm. The next moment lights go on and the crowd goes crazy.
Master‘s College student Josh Tejada, a singer/guitar player in the band Broad Awake, recently performed in The world famous ―KROQ Locals Only‖ show on March 3 at The Roxy in West Holly-wood, Calif. Broad Awake includes Tejada and his two younger brothers, Isaiah electronics, keys, bass, vocals and Uriah, who plays the drums and does all the band‘s sequencing.
“The reason I got into music was because I wanted to lead worship,” Tejada said. “I got my first guitar when I was 13 and would practice for hours.” By the time he was 14, Tejada and his brothers were leading worship concerts at different churches. Soon after, they realized how much they enjoyed performing and started writing their own songs. “It‘s not just one person who writes, but we all are writing and bringing different things to one an-other to see what is working.” Tejada said.

Broad Awake released its self-titled album in mid-October of last year. The CD features six tracks, including fan favorites “Dear Friend” and “Our Hands.” “‘Dear Friend‘ really opened the door to who Broad Awake is.” Tejada said.

The guys don‘t have anything set in stone for the near future, but they are planning a summer tour through Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana and a few other states. You can check out Broad Awake‘s music on Facebook at You can also follow the band at “Hopefully someday we will be doing this for a living,” Tejada said.

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