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TESOL Certificate

The purpose of the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Award program is to provide students with the theory, skills, and experience needed to competently instruct adult students in the skills of the English language. This ESL teaching award from is designed for students who wish to participate in cross-cultural ministry in the United States or abroad. Upon completion, graduates will be equipped to plan and run an ESL camp, adapt curriculum for use in an ESL/EFL classroom, and tutor individual students. The required courses for the TESOL certificate program are listed below:

  • ESL311 Introduction to TESOL (3)

  • ESL322 Methodology (3)

  • ESL351 Language Acquisition (3)

  • ESL492 Practicum (3) Fulfilled overseas in conjunction with Global Outreach teams.

Total units required for Award: 12

For more information or for an application, contact:

Dr. Lisa La George llageorge@masters.edu