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All students must apply for admission to the Teaching Credential Program even if they are a continuing student at TMU. Applications are only submitted through a TaskStream account. There is a $35 application fee in addition to the fee for a TaskStream subscription.

Pay Application Fee

The application deadline for the 2022-2023 program is Friday, February 18, 2022.

A completed application must consist of ALL the following:

  1. Completed application form on TaskStream

  2. Three essays (see TaskStream for details)

  3. Three satisfactory recommendations: one academic, one from a teaching supervisor, and one from a pastor or student life leader (see TaskStream for instructions on how to obtain/submit recommendations)

  4. Official transcript showing:

    • Posted bachelor’s degree (degree may be in progress at time of application, but must be posted before July 1, 2022)
  5. Completed prerequisite courses (courses may be in progress, but must be completed before July 1, 2022)

    For the Multiple Subject Program (Elementary) For the Single Subject Program (Secondary)
    POL220 US Government (C- or better) POL220 US Government (C- or better)
    ED400 Foundations of Education OR ED101, 202, AND 301 (B- or better) ED400 Foundations of Education OR ED101, 202, AND 301 (B- or better)
    P321 Philosophy and History of Education (B- or better) P321 Philosophy and History of Education (B- or better)
    E322 Children’s Literature (C- or better) ED202 Curriculum Instruction & Learning Theory OR ED301 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in Teaching (B- or better)
  6. Fulfillment of basic skills requirement before program enrollment. Verify basic skills by one of the pathways listed here.

  7. Fulfillment of subject matter competency requirement before program enrollment. Verify subject matter competence by one of the pathways listed on #3 here for Single Subject Credentials or here for Multiple Subject Credentials.

  8. Commission on Teacher Credentialing Certificate of Clearance (includes fingerprinting/background check)

  9. Negative tuberculosis test report

A complete application must be submitted by February 19, 2021 in order for candidates to be eligible for an interview with a Teaching Credential Program Admissions Panel. A link to detailed application requirements can be found here.

Candidates may be admitted to the Teaching Credential Program on probation or with provisions.


Acceptance of transfer coursework for the credential programs is determined on a case-by-case basis. Coursework taken more than five years prior to admission may not be accepted. The candidate may also need to retake courses if methods have changed significantly, or if there has been a lapse of time out of the profession. This determination is made at the sole discretion of the TMU credential program. Candidates should provide official transcripts and course descriptions for transfer credit evaluation as part of the admissions process.


Credential program candidates may be eligible for state and federal financial aid programs. Contact the TMU Financial Aid Office for information.

In addition, TMU has two scholarships designated for the Credential Programs. The James Corcoran Scholarship, the Shamrock Foundation Grant and the Inspire Education Scholarship, are program-specific scholarships established to help qualified candidates complete a credential program at The Master’s University. Candidates who have demonstrated Christian character, a serious commitment to teaching, and careful financial stewardship are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Applications can be found here.


Tuition for credential program: $17,850 ($9,520/fall semester and $8330/spring semester).


See the TMU Catalog for course fees.

Exam fees: approximately $100 per exam – see the CTC Exams website for more information.

Other fees:

Application Fee: $35

TaskStream subscription: $100 for two years

Fingerprinting/Certificate of Clearance fee: approximately $125

TB Test Fee: varies – consult your health care professional for details

Books: vary by class, approximately $800 total for the Multiple Subject program or $450 total for Single Subject

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