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Philosophy Statement

Meet The Director

Lisa La George

Prior to coming to The Master’s University in 1998, Lisa spent five years involved in cross-cultural youth ministry in Alaska. She has traveled in over 45 countries to encourage cross-cultural workers, provide teacher training workshops, and supervise student teachers. In addition to teaching in the area of ESL and Intercultural Studies, Lisa administers and trains cross-cultural vocational student trips. Her research and writing includes the topics of short-term missions, cross-cultural teaching methodologies, missionary biographies, and Third-Culture Kid transitions. She is rarely without a book, loves to cook, and enjoys opening her home for global gatherings.


This team will be working in local Church ministries through community outreach and organizing a Biblical Counseling Conference.

All Majors

Paul Patingo and Paige Mitchell

May 7th – June 10th*

TOGO (medical)

Team Togo will be working with the missionaries and hospital staff at the Hospital of Hope in Mango.

Biology (pre-med) and Kinesiology (pre-PT)

Jim Gilbert and Jordan Bolde

May 7th – June 20th*


Team Canada will train for one week to work at a three-week-long youth outreach camp with missionaries the Hanthorn’s.

All majors

Connor McAlexander and Payton Ohl

May 29th – July 7th*


This team will be partnering with Hellenic Ministries to organize a city-wide Bible distribution, and also working with both native Greeks and Muslim refugees in Athens.

Business Management, Communications, Computer Science

TBD and Carissa Arend

May 15th – July 15th*


Team Guam will be participating in VBS, TESOL, and military outreach.

Teacher Education, all majors

Brian Overholtzer and Susana Nestor

June 15th – July 30th*


Team India will be studying ecology and agricultural techniques during the first half of the trip, and then implementing their knowledge in a local orphanage and seminary.

Business, Biology

Ethan Cherry and Sooz Gwinn

May 13th – June 15th*


Team Madagascar will help put on a one-week sports outreach camp, then hike to different villages to teach the Bible and literary skills to residents.

Bible, Communications, Kinesiology, Teacher Education

Jordan Hubbs and Emmy Gaddy

May 8th – June 18th*


Team Malawi will serve TMU grads Matt and Rachel Floreen at the Central African Preaching Academy.

All majors

Justin Lay and Hannah Walsh

May 8th – June 18th*

South Africa

Team South Africa will be doing health education outreach in schools, and serving Grace Baptist Church of Amanzimtoti and its church plant.

All majors, especially Bible, Business, Pre-Nursing, and Teaching

Luke Riffle and Paige Miller

May 15th – June 24th

*All Dates are approximate.

The cost of each trip is $3200.

Maintaining your health while overseas begins with proper planning and research before you depart. The following resources can help educate you about appropriate preventative measures prior to departure and during your travel abroad. Additionally, you should consult with a physician prior to your departure about your personal health and recommended vaccinations, immunizations, and other preventative medication.

U.S. Center for Disease Control Health Information

You can find out information about our destinations here:

Travel Medicine Providers

Please note that not all physicians are experts in the medical treatment needed for the area of the world to which you may be traveling. Carefully check the qualifications and expertise of your physician. Sometimes your insurance will cover the cost of vaccinations.

The Office of Global Outreach recommends the following provider for complete travel medical advice and vaccinations:

WellnessMart 1610 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 (805) 496-7148

Many Walgreens, Costcos, and Walmarts also give regular vaccines.

World Health Organization Health Information

International Travel and Health Guide is available free online, and provides vaccination recommendations specific to each country in the world. This resource also covers a wide range of topics including:

  1. Health risks and precautions

  2. Travel by air

  3. Environmental health risks

  4. Accidents, injuries and violence

  5. Infectious diseases

  6. Vaccine-preventable diseases

  7. Malaria

  8. Blood transfusions

Malaria Information

Malaria is a common disease in many of the countries our students serve. It is largely preventable, but can be a significant disease. You should read the following information carefully.

WHO info on malaria

CDC FAQ’s about malaria

CDC malaria home page

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • Typhoid

  • Tetanus-diphtheria

  • Measles

  • Chickenpox

  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine

  • Diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus (DPT) vaccine

  • Poliovirus vaccine

2018 Applications Now Available!

Applications will be completed on-line through our Managed Missions portal. Please find the link for the application below. The link for the references should be emailed to your reference. All references must be received prior to acceptance. Team notification will be made in most cases by January 15.

Global Outreach Teams


Parent Reference:

RA Reference:

Pastor Reference:

*Please note that completing an application does not guarantee a place on a team.

What is the priority deadline for applying to join a Global Outreach team?

December 5

Can I apply for a Global Outreach team after the deadline?

The priority deadline is December 5, and teams usually fill up before the start of the Spring semester.

Do I need to sign up for the Preparation for Global Outreach class on Thursday nights?

Each student traveling on a TMU Global Outreach team must register for in the spring semester. Included within the class session is a weekly team time to help plan for your trip abroad.

What kind of credit does the Prep for GO class offer?

The GO class counts as either an upper division Bible elective or as a cross-cultural general education class. If you take the class as gen ed credits, you will only need to take 3 credits of cross-cultural; the remaining 3 credits of the gen ed requirement can be used for any other class.

Can I take the Preparation for Global Outreach class if I am not a part of a GO trip?

You may take the GO class even if you are not participating on a GO trip. Your will receive a modified syllabus. TESOL Award members instead should sign up for TESOL.

Do I have to pay tuition fees if BMS 312 adds more than 18 units to my schedule?

If you wish to take the Prep class for credit, you will register for BMS312 for 3 credits. However, if you do not want the credit, you will register for BMS412 for 0 credits. Either way, the coursework involved must be completed in order to participate on the team.

Can I date or pursue another person on my team?

The Global Outreach Office does not place dating couples on the same team and discourages any dating relationships during the GO training and trip. If you have concerns about this, please discuss this with your team leader and the GO Director.

I have concerns about my personal security while traveling internationally. Are these trips safe?

Any international travel carries certain risks. The Global Outreach Office evaluates political, health, and safety risks to potential destinations. We make every effort to inform team members of anticipated risks. Further questions or inquiries about a specific destination can be directed to Should a location become unstable during the training period, the team will either be redirected to another location or, in unusual cases, cancelled.

Do I have to take the GO class again if I have already taken it once?

Repeat participants will be given a slightly different syllabus to govern assignments and class participation. You must still register for the class, but can only receive the units once.

Can I be on a Global Outreach team if I am studying in IBEX in the spring?

Sorry, because of the team training, spring IBEX and GO are not possible to accomplish in the same year.

How much do the trips cost?

The total trip cost, including airfare, food, lodging and ministry expenses will be $3200.

Can someone who is not a current traditional student at TMU join a Global Outreach team?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to apply for teams. Alumni may be able to participate if spots are available. Questions about this may be directed to

When will I know what team I am on?

Team rosters will be finalized during the first week of classes in January, however, we will try to notify teams earlier in December if possible.

Is there anything I can do over Christmas break to get ready for a trip?


Apply for a passport if you don’t already have one. These sites will be helpful:

Check in with your family doctor and make sure that your vaccinations are current. If you are not vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, start the series now–it makes up to 6 months to finish.

Tell your family and friends that they can give tax deductible donations toward your trip for Christmas.

Gather addresses while you are home for people you will send letters to in late January.