Multicultural Student Advancement

Mission and Objectives

Our Mission

The office of Multicultural Student Advancement (MCSA) serves to help develop and maintain a distinctively Christian, diverse community at the Master’s College (TMC). We desire to see students, from different cultures and from various contexts, participating in and contributing to the overall educational experience of campus life at TMC.

Our Vision

MCSA strives to empower students to embrace a healthy biblical perspective of diversity, and achieve cultural competency, while motivating and teaching them to model love and unity that values the contributions of all people.  This is achieved through the offering of programs and events that are affirming and supportive of the diverse ethnic and cultural realities of our world.

Our Objectives

To enroll students from ethnically and culturally diverse contexts:

Recruiting students of color and students from other underrepresented groups
Assisting prospective “minority” students considering study at TMC
Providing academic advising and student advocacy
Helping with the procurement of scholarship and sponsorship grant monies

To share cultural experience(s) and insight with the student body that will assist in:

Creating a supportive campus culture, through culturally relevant programs and events
Strengthening cross-cultural relationships
Cultivating awareness and sensitivity related to issues of culture and ethnicity

Our Method:

As a hybrid office between the Student Life and Admissions departments, MCSA specializes in both the recruitment and retention of students from among the diverse cultural contexts within the United States.  Focusing on urban centers and the inner city, we seek to establish relationships with churches and leaders in these communities that will assist us in identifying “mission-match” recruits for TMC, while developing culturally applicable programming and social support for the underrepresented student population of our school.