Cross-Town Agreements

The Master's University has developed relationships, or "Cross-Town Agreements" with other major state universities. These agreements are designed to give students the opportunity to join ROTC while studying full-time at The Master's University. Below is a list of ROTC units that TMU has agreements with:

Air Force ROTC
AFROTC Detachment 040 (LMU)
AFROTC Detachment 055 (UCLA)
AFROTC Detachment 060 (USC)

AROTC Bruin Battalion (UCLA)
AROTC Bruin Battalion (CSUN - a branch of UCLA)

National ROTC Websites
Air Force ROTC

Specific Information about ROTC and Scholarships

For more detailed information about ROTC and scholarships, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

To contact the Military Student Advancement Office you may call 661-362-2814, or send an e-mail to