Charles W. Smith Hall Men's and Women's Dormitory

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Some history of the dorm:

C.W. Smith Hall is the newest dorm on campus (often called "C-dub"). It was completed in Spring 2003 to alleviate the need for the college to house growing numbers of students in off-campus rented apartments. In fact, students were moved mid-semester from the off-campus apartments (named Oak Tree and Manzanita) into the newly finished dorm in an effort that nearly the entire campus participated in--accomplishing the huge task in one afternoon.

Smith Hall was named in honor of the beloved Bible professor Charles W. Smith. He came to the school in 1987 and was a favorite of students for his general bible class on the book of Romans and other upper division theology and greek classes. Before he retired but after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he gave the 2002 Commencement Address with the memorable line "These are the things for the past 50 years I've tried to give my students to teach them how to live...and now it is time to teach you how to die." He dedicated 50 years of his life to educating Christian young people, 35 years at Bob Jones University and the last 15 years at The Master's University. He went to be with the Lord in 2003. There is a C.W. Smith Biblical Endowment fund to give scholarships to students studying biblical languages and theology.

What is C.W. Smith Hall like?

C.W. Smith Hall is a three-story building in a slight-"V" shape. Between two large wings of rooms are: two spacious lounges on the first and third floors with spectacular views of the Santa Clarita Valley, a large laundry facility on the second story, and two apartments for the Resident Directors on the second and third stories.

The dorm is divided into six wings, two men's wings on the bottom floor and four women's wings on the second and third floors. Each wing has a large central shower and restroom area and 13-14 rooms. Each room is fully furnished for two students including beds, built-in shelving, drawers, closet space, desks, and an individual heater/air-conitioner unit. The wings are normally referred to as "Upper-East", "Upper-West", "Middle-East", "Middle-West", "Lower-East", and  "Lower-West" with reference to their location from the central dorm entrance on the first-story lounge. Because of its relatively recent consturction C.W. Smith is the only dorm with an elevator and so is fully ADA-compliant.

Some old and new traditions:

Annual Men's Camping Trip

The C.W. Smith Hall Black and White Year End Celebration


Smith men's 2011 winning Spring Sing video entitled "I'll Make a Man Out of You"