Ralph S. Slight Hall Men's Dormitory

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Some history of the dorm:

Slight Hall was finished in time for the fall 1978 school year. The Hall was named in honor of the long time chairman of the Board of Directors Ralph S. Slight. Other happenings at the school that year include R.W. Mackey joining the school as Dean of Students and Jim Owen joining the faculty of the History department. The dorm is scheduled for complete renovation soon including updating the layout of each apartment unit, new furnishings, fixture and carpet.

Ralph S. Slight was elected to the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Baptist seminary in 1946 and named chairman in 1947. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree the same year at commencement exercises. He served the school faithfully in that capacity long into Dr. Dunkin's term as president. He lead the school through many changes such as moving the campus to Placerita Canyon in 1960 and much of the initial development of that property. He stepped down from the Board when his family moved to northern California in 1970.

What is Slight Hall like?

Slight is a two-story building with apartment-style dorm rooms. It is layed-out as five apartments each per level on the front and back. The Resident Director lives in one of the apartments on "Lower-Front".

Each apartment is divided into a "big" front room for three or four students and "small" side room for two students, each with its own room air-conditioner. Each room has its own spacious shower and restroom. The wings are normally referred to as "Upper-Back", "Lower-Back", "Upper-Front" and Upper-Back" referencing their location based on the orientation of the dorm to the main road running in front of the building.

Some old and new traditions:

Slight/Sweazy Beach Day each fall

Pancakes and Wing Challenges Tuesday Night at the RD's apartment