Herbert V. Hotchkiss Hall Men's and Women's Dormitory

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Some history of the dorm:

Hotchkiss Hall was the first dorm constructed when the University moved to its current location in the 1960's. It was dedicated on April 30, 1965 to Dr. Herbert Hotchkiss stating: "No man ever deserved to be memorialized in connection with an educational institution more than Herbert Hotchkiss." The dorm was totally renovated including new furnishings, fixtures and carpet in 2009.

Herbert Hotchkiss came to Los Angeles Baptist Seminary in fall of 1947 from Pennsylvania at the invitation of Dr. Milton Fish, the new Dean of the Seminary. The school had just started to broaden its courses into liberal arts degree work, but it was a time of great financial challenge for the school  and the Board of Directors considered merging the school with another seminary or even closing the school over the summer of 1947. But partially because of a letter from Hotchkiss, the board reconsidered and decided to move forward with another school year. Hotchkiss was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree at commencement ceremonies in 1952. Dr. Hotchkiss' wife, Majorie, also served the university coordinating volunteer efforts to renovate the new property in Placerita Canyon, and would later serve as "Dean of Women". Dr. Dunkin would refer to her as the "mother" of the school. Dr. Herbert Hotchkiss was the father of current TMU English Professor John Hotchkiss.

What is Hotchkiss Hall like?

Hotchkiss Dorm is a two story building in the shape of a "H". Between the two sides of rooms are a central lounge on the first story and two apartments for the Resident Directors on the second story.

There are eight wings, four men's and four women's, with a large central shower and restroom area and laundry facilities and 12 rooms on each wing. Each room is fully furnished for two students including beds, built-in shelving, drawers, and closet space and desks. And each room has an individual hearter/air-conditioner unit. The wings are normally referred to as "Upper-Back", "Lower-Back", "Upper-Front" and Upper-Back" referencing their location from the central entrance in the lounge.

Some old and new traditions:

Hotchkiss Apple Pie Night

Hotchkiss Christmas Party (complete with ugly sweater awards)

Pancakes and Planet Earth

Grilled Cheese Night



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