Frank R. Dixon Hall Women's Dormitory

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Some history of the dorm:

Dixon was completed in 1990 as part of an expansion project to accomodate the growing student population following Dr. John MacArthur's coming as President of the school in 1985. Waldock and Sweazy Halls were a part of that expansion as well. The hall is named after Frank R. Dixon, a generous donor to the college that funded its construction.

What is Dixon Hall like?

Dixon is a two-story building. Between two wings of rooms are two lounges, one on each floor. The Resident Director apartment is located in the middle as well on the second story.

The dorm is divided into four wings, one per-floor-per-side of 10-12 rooms each with a large central shower and restroom area and laundry facilities. Each room is fully furnished for two students including beds, built-in shelving, drawers, closet space, desks, and an individual heater/air-conditioner unit. The wings are normally referred to as "Upper-East", "Upper-West", "Lower-East", "Lower-West" with reference to their location from the central dorm entrance in the second-story lounge.

Some old and new traditions:

Toenail Painting Tuesday Nights

Thursday Night Prayer Time