Dorm Life

Dorm life is one of the hubs of The Master’s University experience. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time when you’re not either in class or eating a meal. It’s where you’ll cram for finals after the library closes and where you’ll stay up all night watching movies and goofing off.

This is where you’ll make the friends you’ll keep for life and where learning to make your own bed all those years ago will finally pay off.

So what is dorm life like? That depends on which dorm you choose. You’ve got plenty of choices.

Just for the Girls

We’ve got two dorms that are exclusively for the girls: Dixon and Sweazy. The rooms accommodate two students each and each hall comes with lounge areas where everyone can hang out.

Just for the Guys

We have two male-only dorms, Slight and Waldock. What’s interesting about Slight is that the rooms are more like apartments. You’ve got a main bedroom/living area and one more, smaller bedroom as well as a private bathroom. Each apartment fits up to six guys, which is interesting for its own reasons. Waldock accommodates two students per room.

Split Dorms

Hotchkiss Hall houses men and women in separate residence halls connected by a big common lounge, where students can choose between playing ping pong or pool. The rooms themselves fit two students each.

Smith Hall is the newest member of the Master’s dorm life community. Completed in 2003, Smith stands three stories tall and it consists of six wings (two for men, four for women) and two Resident Director apartments. Smith in the only dorm with an elevator, so even the top dwellers need not fear the stairs.