Chapel Sign-Ins

Chapel sign-ins are available in the MacArthur Center lobby beginning at 8:45 A.M. and close promptly at 9:10 A.M. Please make sure you are on time to sign-in. If you forget to sign in or arrive after the sign-ins are taken down, it will be considered an absence.

Church Attendance

Master’s requires that all students attend the main worship service plus one additional service or activity at the same local church each week. The central weekly congregational service is considered a “main worship service” and any Sunday school, evening service, mid-week Bible study groups, outreach ministry, youth group, or children’s ministry sponsored by the student’s local church are examples of “additional services or activities”. This provides the student a foundational engagement in the local church by which further ministry and service can be cultivated.

Chapel Exemption

Submit your request for chapel exemption.
Chapel Exemption


  • When is Chapel? keyboard_arrow_down

    Chapel takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:10 A.M. -10:20 A.M.

  • Who is required to attend Chapel? keyboard_arrow_down

    All traditional undergraduate students taking at least nine units at The Master’s University are required to attend chapel.

  • Am I allowed to miss Chapel? keyboard_arrow_down

    Students are allowed eight misses per semester for cases of illness, emergencies, or other situations. Students accruing more than eight misses will be placed on Chapel Probation.

  • Can I save seats? keyboard_arrow_down

    You are allowed to save a seat for yourself and one other person after the doors have been opened.

  • What are the guidelines for Chapel dress? keyboard_arrow_down

    Chapel dress guidelines are the same as those for classes. Shorts, athletic apparel (including sweatpants and warm-ups), tank tops for men, work overalls, military apparel (unless required by Military Service) and ragged clothing are not permitted. If you come to chapel in any of these clothing items, you will be asked to return to your dorm to change which may result in you being late to chapel.

  • What if I want to request Chapel Exemption? keyboard_arrow_down

    Chapel exemption applications are available about a month before the semester begins until the Add/Drop Class date (two weeks after classes start). These exemptions are available ONLY to off-campus students with extenuating circumstances. An exemption must be submitted prior to making any job or ministry commitment. Exemptions are granted on a semester-by-semester basis according to the overall weighting of the student’s mandatory responsibilities (work requirements, family, travel time, class units, etc.). Please allow up to two weeks for processing.

  • Is attendance at the Truth and Life Conference required? keyboard_arrow_down

    Yes, all traditional undergraduate students required to attend chapel during the semester are expected to attend all sessions of the Truth and Life Conference. If any session is missed, it will be counted toward your eight allowed misses for the spring semester.

  • How do I log my church attendance? keyboard_arrow_down

    Students will be required to log their church attendance for the previous week through the Chapel/Church Misses page on Content Management. “0” indicates you attended two church services, “1” indicates you attended one service, and “2” indicates you did not attend any services. The student has until Wednesday to mark their attendance for the previous week.

  • What if my chapel or church attendance is incorrect? keyboard_arrow_down

    You can email your Resident Director or Off-Campus Assistant, who may give one-time correction at their discretion to your chapel or church attendance.

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