Current Societies


The Master’s University Society for Science and Mathematics

Established 2010

The purpose of the society is to encourage scientific scholarship, curiosity, inquiry, colleague fellowship, and educational activities in a God-honoring manner, in agreement with The Master’s University mission statement. We seek to encourage camaraderie between science majors and faculty specifically, as well as the entire campus, to encourage student-faculty communication for the further development and sharpening of the science and math majors, and to provide community services such as: high school and peer tutoring, home school outreach, and environmental stewardship.  We seek to live as ambassadors of Christ and TMU to the scientific and educational community, and to engage in creation and bioethical research, discussion, and scholarship; we desire to pursue biblical truth in every arena of science.


C3 Unity

Established 2011

C3Unity exists to encourage students of TMU to embrace diversity as a reflection of the Kingdom of God and to foster an environment for students to model the kind of love and unity toward one another that values the contributions of all people.


Joga Bonito

Established 2011

Our purpose is to provide an avenue to pursue excellence in soccer while glorifying God in fostering of relationships.  We want to create an environment where the advanced soccer player and beginner player can learn from each other and play together.  Because soccer is the world’s most popular sport and TMU has a large international community, this club promotes student body unity and provides a piece of home for those international students.


Cliff Hangers 

Established 2015

Our purpose is to embark upon grand escapades with the objective of cultivating sanctifying relationships and gospel centered community. While exploring God’s creation we will discover God’s majesty and cultivate God-honoring friendships by hammocking and adventuring in unique places near southern California.


Entrepreneurship at its Finest   

Established 2015

Founded to promote entrepreneurship in the heart of the student body and plant originality in the minds of the next generation. Through creative minds and a passion for entrepreneurship, history and economies have been altered for the better. By God’s grace, Smith Smoothies has added a unique presence to the Master’s University and we want to continue this influence by expanding into an official Society. This Society is solely dedicated to learn more about the business world; while keeping God at the center.


The Silent Club 

Established 2015

Our desire is to practice “American Sign Language” in conversational set-ups so that we can become fluent in the language as well as to provide an opportunity for other students to comfortably learn some of the language. We want to eventually be able to use this language to spread the gospel to the Deaf people in our community.  


Evangelism Society

Established 2012

The purpose of the TMU Evangelism Society is to equip students to be faithful ambassadors of Christ and to be able to respond to objections to the Christian faith from a biblical worldview. The TMU Evangelism Society will be focused on evangelism and evangelism training in the Santa Clarita Area.


Accounting Association

Established 2012

The purpose of the Accounting Association is to provide an environment for students interested in a business career, especially accounting, to network with professionals, faculty, and other students in order to expand their knowledge of the business world and hone the skills necessary for such a career.


Treading Society

Established 2015

The purpose of the TMU Treading Society is to allow TMU students the exposure necessary for promoting a healthy lifestyle by means of water knowledge, water fitness, and sustainable buoyancy.


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