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Clubs at TMU create opportunities for students to meet and engage others who share similar interests, goals, and talents. Clubs are effective in encouraging the development of student leadership, mobilizing students toward common goals, and stimulating social, intellectual, and spiritual growth on campus.

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How To Start A Club

Are you thinking of starting a club? It is a simple, 1-step process: fill out this club request form:


ASB shall grant recognition only to clubs and organizations whose stated purpose is in harmony with the mission and purpose of the ASB and The Master’s University. A majority vote of the ASB in a regular meeting shall be necessary to grant recognition.

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School clubs are an important part of our community! Through them, students are able to express themselves and join together around common interests.

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The purpose of the TMU Evangelism Society is to equip students to be faithful ambassadors of Christ and to be able to respond to objections to the Christian faith from a biblical worldview. The TMU Evangelism Society will be focused on evangelism and evangelism training in the Santa Clarita area.


Are you passionate about sketching, drawing and art? Join the Sketching Society, the sketchiest club on campus!


The purpose of the tennis club is to provide a positive, welcoming setting for anyone to enjoy tennis, regardless of their ability. The club will increase knowledge of the sport while building a supportive team environment for fun and fellowship.

History-Movie Club

Analyzing and critiquing history-themed movies with Prof. Jensen. This club will allow students to frame history with an accurate perspective by addressing how Hollywood’s version may or may not reflect what actually happened.

Oxford Blue

This is a club for people who are interested in learning and using fountain pens. We will introduce (and explore) the hobby to see how fountain pens can facilitate better note-taking, learning, thinking, writing, and organization.

Collegium Sapientiae

‘Collegium Sapientiae’ was the name of a theology study group (and later a school) led by the sixteenth-century Reformer Zacarias Ursinus at the University of Heidelberg. The TMU ‘Collegium Sapientiae’ will exist for the study and appreciation of primary texts in historical theology, especially the works of the early modern Reformers. We will gather to read and learn from these great thinkers.

CIS Club

CIS majors and others who are interested in making a career out of computer and information science skills should join this club. We will be offering homework help and other services to club members which can help with getting a head start in the job market.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

This club is designed to teach beginners American Sign Language and give intermediate “signers” the opportunities for more proficient conversation. We hope to occasionally engage with fluent signers, the Deaf, the Deaf-Blind, and their culture. The goal of this club is to increase interest and skills in American Sign Language and foster love for the Deaf community.


The goal of the STEM club is to foster a community of curiosity and camaraderie among students with a common interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering or math. To this end, our members will be able to participate in field trips and discussions that will broaden their horizons and will acquaint them with a wide range of careers in STEM fields.

Master’s Accounting Association

Accounting majors or business majors interested in accounting are welcome to join. We will be networking, with fellow students, professors, and potential employers/hiring firms.


Do you love playing Spikeball? So do we!

Friday Fellowship Club

This club seeks to foster biblical community through small corporate Bible reading and prayer, as well as by sharing meals together. Several times a semester the group will hike up to the cross, read Scripture and pray together, grab breakfast, and then head to chapel.

Dental Club

This club is for people who are interested in completing graduate studies and getting involved in dentistry. We will be looking into what dental school is like, as well as what it will look like once you finish dental school.

The Great Outdoors

Love the outdoors? A club for outdoor enthusiasts to hike, bike, rock climb, ski, adventure near and far, and enjoy God’s creation!

Iron Hour

Iron Hour is designed to be a time for women to press on to know the Lord together. Our goal is to increase our knowledge of his Word, to encourage one another to walk worthy, all for the glory of God!

Aggressive Negotiations

Aggressive Negotiations is the official gaming club at Masters, it aims to bring people together and fellowship through the games we all enjoy.


A club for all IBEX alumni. A time to get together, and enjoy time reminiscing on the holy land.

Magic Mountain Season Pass Club

This club is for Six Flags Magic Mountain Season Pass members and those who just want a thrill from being away from homework. For season pass holders, it’s really hard to go to Magic Mountain because friends are usually too busy and it’s not very fun going alone. This club will connect all of the people interested in going to Magic Mountain for a fun experience.


  1. Only recognized clubs or organizations may use the following terms or insignias: “The Master’s University”, “Master’s”, “TMU”, or a “The Master’s University” logo, or otherwise indicate any relationship to the college.
  2. Only recognized clubs and organizations will be granted free access to the use of TMU facilities and services, and then only upon appropriate request and approval stated in the ASB Operation Manual.
  3. Only recognized clubs or organizations may receive ASB funding pending approval of the guidelines stated in Article IX. Section 2. b.
  4. One Representative from each ASB-approved club or organization may have the privilege of the floor, but are without vote.

Remember that we are here to help you through the process. Please contact with any questions you may have about school clubs.

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