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ASB Programs


ASB is comprised of members who are trained and mentored as leaders. Their purpose is to facilitate relationship-building on campus by enhancing and providing various campus-wide activities, as well as by offering meaningful representation from the student body to University leadership.


Student Life understands that in addition to classroom and chapel involvement, the University experience includes a vibrant social activity. ASB gives significant effort to produce events that make our campus exciting and fun. Everything from major amusement parks to talent shows, our ASB organizes a wide variety of events to make a student’s University experience complete.


The purpose of clubs at Master’s is to create opportunities for students to meet and engage others who share similar interests, goals, and talents. Clubs are effective in encouraging the development of student leadership, mobilizing students toward common goals, and stimulating social, intellectual, and spiritual growth on campus.


Research shows that a student’s overall intellectual development is enhanced through physical activity. We agree, but we also think it is fun and healthy. Students can participate in intramural leagues for every fitness level throughout the school year. Sign-ups are regularly announced and administrated by the Athletics Department. The fitness center is also open daily with hours that complement a student’s lifestyle, giving them the opportunity to stay fit and study–sometimes at the same time.

Chapel Programs


Chapel is a central and dynamic program our University community enjoys together as we gather to worship the Lord. We enjoy being challenged by the preaching of God’s word, singing His praises together, hearing reports of what He is doing in our midst, and praying for world evangelism. Our goal in chapel is to bring students the best biblical teaching we can on subjects that are relevant to collegians and young adults. Chapel speakers include our Chancellor Emeritus, Dr. John MacArthur, members of the University community, and other gifted expositors from across the country and around the world who are uniquely gifted and qualified to address collegians. Chapel provides inspiration and worship for the entire University family. Therefore, chapel is considered a vital part of The Master’s University curriculum, complementing a student’s academic and spiritual experience. Both the chapel band and chapel tech team are student-led.


The Truth & Life Conference annually invites our Master’s alumni, friends, and family to join our current students, faculty, and staff for a unique three-day event on the campus of The Master’s University. TLC is designed to be a powerful worship experience for those who wish to be refreshed and renewed with one central focus–the expositional preaching and teaching of the Scriptures. Since 1993, the Truth & Life Conference has purposed to proclaim the inerrant authority of Word of God to the glory of God and the sanctification of His people. For more information about TLC, please access


A day is set aside each fall semester as a special time for the entire University community to gather for heart-searching prayer and praise. Prayer time is spent together on campus, in residence hall groups, and in academic departments.

Outreach Programs

The Outreach Office at The Master’s University exists to provide awareness and training for a wide variety of service and evangelism opportunities both locally and internationally. In addition, the Outreach office gives support and outreach to our military, international, and first-generation students.


The Office of Global Outreach desires to provide each student with an opportunity to participate in and learn from the work of God in an overseas cross-cultural setting. Ministry opportunities are selected based on the following critical factors: partnership with a local church, evangelistic opportunities, vocational participation, length of service, and partnership with Master’s alumni. Teams are formed during the fall semester, receive training during the spring semester, and serve overseas during the summer. All teams that minister through the Office of Global Outreach are led by student Global Outreach leaders. The Preparation for Global Outreach class trains students in theological, philosophical, and practical aspects of short-term missions: theology of missions, cultural research methods, logistical details, teambuilding, and tropical health, among others.


In October, the University provides opportunities for students to go in teams to serve domestic churches. These churches are often looking for assistance with a variety of ministries. ENGAGE aids in the spiritual formation of our students by placing them in unique ministry contexts and by exposing them to unique ministry opportunities. Through ENGAGE, students can develop their ministry-passions and sharpen their ministry-gifts to be employed in lifelong service of the Lord’s church.


Each year, The Master’s University welcomes a new missionary family to live on campus and minister among our students. The Missionaries in Residence serve as a global resource on campus by teaching missions-related classes, mentoring students interested in missions, and participating in discipleship activities with International Students and Third Culture Kids. The MIR can be contacted through e-mail at


The international community at The Master’s University includes over 100 international and Third-Culture Kid (TCK) students from nearly 40 different countries. We desire to shepherd these students through their transition to The Master’s University, mobilize them toward involvement in all areas of campus, share their unique backgrounds with the campus at large, and provide opportunities for them to build authentic relationships with one another. Our staff actively promotes the spiritual, academic, and social success of these students through a pre-WOW orientation, a fall retreat, service projects, a celebration of completion, interpersonal discipleship, and other community events.

Residence Life Programs

Residence Life is led by the Dean of Men and Dean of Women with a united commitment to cultivate an environment where every student can grow into a greater likeness of the Master. These programs complement a student’s comprehensive education at TMU and are designed to aid students in their growing understanding and commitment to living out a distinctive Christian life.


The Dean of Men and Dean of Women oversee all residence and off-campus programs as well as student shepherding and biblical counseling in partnership with students’ local churches. They also lead the staff of Resident Directors, Resident Assistants, and Wing Assistants who serve in the residence halls. The Residence Life staff includes individuals whose primary role on campus is to guide and help students grow spiritually through everyday University life.


The Residence Halls of The Master’s University are a primary forum for students to live out the commitments of the Community Covenant. Living within each residence hall are several full-time and student staff members whose aim is to cultivate a community that glorifies God.


The RD is a full-time, post-graduate position responsible for oversight of a given residence hall. Their primary responsibility is the shepherding of students in their residence hall. This includes leading RAs and WAs, discipleship, informal biblical counseling, overseeing the discipline of students in their residence hall, and maintaining a healthy learning community.


RAs are student staff members receiving a scholarship and leadership training in exchange for assisting the RD and working closely with each resident on their wing. Their responsibility is to implement the vision of the RD in their respective dorm and serve the needs of the students. This includes peer conversations, planning wing events, emergency service assistance, and maintaining a healthy wing community.


WAs are trained volunteer student staff members who assist RDs and RAs with the above responsibilities.


The Off-Campus Directors (OCDs) provide leadership and care for our off-campus community. The Off-Campus Assistants (OCAs) are students who volunteer to work with the OCDs to help minister to our off-campus students. Since there is not a central location for off-campus housing, the OC staff prioritizes good communication and event planning to bring this group together.


In partnership with Church Relations, we desire to provide opportunities for students to integrate into a local church body by encouraging interaction and developing relationships among older men and women. Residence Life seeks to encourage students to serve a local church body in faithfulness and provide avenues to grow in their understanding of their function in God’s plan for His people. Our purpose is practically fulfilled through strategic partnerships with churches.

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