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Off-Campus Employment (non-Work Study)

The Master’s University encourages students to step beyond the limitations of the campus network and seek employment in the community. Santa Clarita is a “bedroom community;” people who work in Los Angeles live and enjoy life here. There are hundreds of employers within a five-mile radius of The Master’s University, which are accessible by foot, bicycle, bus or car!

Old Town Newhall and Lyons Avenue:

  • Concentration of small, privately owned businesses; including, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and specialized services (attorneys, public accountants, medical offices, etc.)

Shops @ Stevenson Ranch / The Old Road:

  • National/franchised retailers including Family Christian Store, Pavilions, Claim Jumpers, Macaroni Grill, Ralph’s, World Market, Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Michael’s, Steinmart, Ralph’s, Toys R Us, Goodwill

Westfield Mall (and surrounding area):

  • National/franchised retailers including Barnes & Noble, Target, Edwards Cinemas, VONS, HomeGoods, Corner Bakery, Whole Foods, SEARS, Bath and Body Works … there are literally hundreds of employers in this area, most of which have online job applications!

On-Campus Employment (non-Work Study)

The Master’s University on-campus student jobs (non-Work Study) are concentrated in general labor, and specialized labor positions. The following positions are great opportunities for non-Work Study employment, whether students are simply looking for some pocket change, or a part-time position through which to support themselves through college.

  • Cafeteria Worker

  • Enrollment Telecounselors*

  • IT Service Desk Analyst

  • Intramural Referee Resident Assistants*

  • Peer/Academic Tutoring*

  • Chapel or Athletic Event Staff Associated Student Body*

  • IBEX Assistants (Israel)

*Applicants must have completed one full year at TMU

TMU Work Study Programs

The prospect of understanding and fulfilling the expectations as a student participating in TMU’s Work Study Program can seem overwhelming – that’s why the Office of Student Employment is on hand to guide Work Study students and their families through each step of the process. The purpose of this information is to prepare Work Study-awarded students in securing a Work Study job.

  • I. Understanding Your Work Study Program

    The Master’s University operates two Work Study programs, the first being the On-Campus Work Study Program and the second being the Off-Campus Work Study Program. The Master’s University Office of Student Employment (OSE) is passionate about fortifying our student’s Biblical education in providing professional development outside the classroom as our students secure meaningful employment both inside the TMU campus, and outside in our local community.

    On-Campus Work Study

    Students participating in the On-Campus Work Study Program will interview with and be hired by the various departments in administration, academics and campus services to serve their campus and classmates.

    Off-Campus Work Study*

    Students participating in the Off-Campus Work Study Program will interview with and be hired by the various professional businesses, companies and ministries to serve their campus in the local community.

    *personal vehicle required

  • II. Work Study Credits and Tuition

    Work Study is awarded through the Office of Financial Aid. At the beginning of the semester, 80% of the students Work Study Award (by semester) is applied to their Student Account. Throughout the semester, the student will “work off” the amount applied in advance to their Student Account through their Work Study job.

    It is the student’s responsibility to secure a Work Study job to earn the amount applied to their Student Account. The Master’s University Office of Student Employment assists to provide Work Study students with job opportunities; we also partner with departmental supervisors and student employees in scheduling hours and tracking income so that the student employee remains on track to pay off the balance on their Student Account by the end of semester, or academic year.

    Work Study students are required to pay off 80% of their Work Study award.

    Work Study students are eligible to earn 100% of their Work Study award.

    • $3,000 Award Level = 8-10 hours/week

    • Annual 80% Deduction Goal = $2,400 ($1,200 FALL + $1,200 SPRING)

    • $6,000 Award Level = 15 – 17 hours/week

    • Annual 80% Deduction Goal = $4,800 ($2,400 FALL + $2,400 SPRING)

    It is not possible for students to receive 100% of their award up-front.

    The Master’s University pays Work Study students in advance for work they have yet to do! In addition, Work Study is taxable income, meaning that a student’s award level is $3,000 or $6,000 (depending upon your award) before taxes. Work Study students are exempt from all California state taxes (except in the case of unusually high earnings [e.g. 25+ hours a week]).

    Both on and off campus employers have created jobs to match out student’s award levels, and are very flexible in scheduling students appropriately to reach their award level/goal. It’s important for students to communicate with their supervisor, or the Office of Student Employment, if at any time they feel they are falling behind in work or earnings.

  • III. Finding and Applying for Work Study Jobs

    Complete your Online Work Study Application/Resume

    Every student employee who participates in the Work Study Program must complete an Online Work Study Application. Many of our students don’t have prior work histories, and that is fine! Students may include any part-time, summer or volunteer positions they’ve had, as well as mission trips, babysitting/tutoring jobs, and clubs (Boy/Girl Scouts, Awana, etc).

    Once this application/resume has been submitted, TMU will provide that information to potential supervisors and employers so they can review the student’s qualifications, and begin to prepare for the Work Study Job Fair, which is held annually during TMU’s Week of Welcome in August.

    Applications can be completed online by visiting Students will need their MasterNet/Content Management login and password credentials to access the application. The “OSE Applicant” feature located on the left-hand column will link students to the Work Study Application.

    Search the Work Study Job Board

    The Work Study Job Board is only activated twice a year, in August and January. Currently awarded Work Study students are welcome to use the information posted on the Work Study Job Board to contact supervisors, gather job data and set up preliminary interviews for the Work Study Job Fair (in August), or if looking for a Spring-Only Work Study position (January).

    NOTE: The Work Study Job Board is different from the regular TMU Job Board, which is available to the public. The Work Study Job Board is only viewable by currently awarded Work Study students, and can only be accessed from MasterNet/Content Management.

  • IV. Completing Hiring Paperwork

    New Students/Employees:

    Students may visit the Student Employment station during WOW Check-In to complete their employment paperwork! In compliance with federal employment law, student employees must produce two valid and original forms of identification to authenticate identity and authorize employment; all documents of identification must be original as copies cannot be accepted!

    • A document establishing identity (photo ID):

    • Example: Driver’s License, School ID, etc.

    • A document establishing employment eligibility:

    • Example: Social Security Card, Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.

    Returning Students/Employees:

    Returning students do not need to worry about completing employment forms if they have worked for The Master’s University within the past year. Returning Students (but new to employment at TMU) can stop by the Office of Student Employment during their first week of school to complete any necessary paperwork.

  • V. Work Study Employee Orientation

    New Students/Employees:

    Work Study Employee Orientation will also be held during TMU’s Week of Welcome. New Work Study students participating in WOW are required to attend. Work Study students should come individually, or with one family member, as seating is limited. We will review everything students will need to know about working at TMU at this orientation; including, employment paperwork and deadlines, timekeeping, payroll, interviewing tips, and how to prepare for the Work Study Job Fair.

    Returning Students/Employees:

    Returning students do not need to worry about attending the Work Study Employee Orientation if they are not attending WOW.

  • VI. The Work Study Job Fair

    This event is where Work Study students meet employers, interview and get hired all in the same day! Traditionally, the Work Study Job Fair is held on-campus the Friday afternoon of TMU’s Week of Welcome. Nearly all on-campus and off-campus employers will be in attendance. All hiring decisions cannot be finalized until the Work Study Job Fair, in fairness to all employers and student employees.

    More information about the Work Study Job Fair will be sent to all students participating in the Work Study Program as the start of the upcoming academic year draws near.

  • VII. Work Study FAQs

    Q. I wasn’t given a Work Study award as part of my financial aid package. Is there any way I can apply to join the program outside of Financial Aid?

    Sadly, no. The only “application” for requesting a Work Study award is the FAFSA.

    The Master’s University awards Work Study based on federal eligibility (determined by the FAFSA), and on a first-come, first-served basis. The Office of Financial Aid will continue to award federally eligible students until our funds and positions are exhausted.

    Q. I have been awarded Off-Campus Work Study, and I:

    • don’t have a car.

    • no longer have a car.

    • won’t be bringing a car with me.

    Am I able to transfer into the On-Campus Work Study program and apply for On-Campus Work Study jobs?

    No. Unfortunately, it is impossible to “switch” Off-Campus Work Study students into the On-Campus Work Study program, as the on-campus program is currently at maximum capacity.

    If you do not have a vehicle, or your circumstances have changed since you completed the Financial Aid application, please contact our office as soon as possible and we’d be happy to walk you through other employment opportunities outside of the Work Study program.

    Q. I have been awarded Off-Campus Work Study, and I don’t know why because I don’t have a car. This is an error in the way Financial Aid packaged me. Am I able to transfer into the on-campus program and apply for on campus jobs?

    No. Unfortunately, it is impossible to “switch” Off-Campus Work Study students into the On-Campus Work Study program, as the on-campus program is currently at maximum capacity.

    Work Study students are awarded and placed into the appropriate program through the Office of Financial Aid. Work Study students are placed into the Off-Campus Work Study program if they indicate that they have a vehicle as part of their Financial Aid application.

    Any concerns as to your awarded program should be directed to The Master’s University Office of Financial Aid.

    Q. I have been awarded Off-Campus Work Study, and I would just really prefer to hold a Work Study position on campus instead. Can I please transfer into the on-campus program and apply for on campus jobs?

    No. Unfortunately, it is impossible to “switch” Off-Campus Work Study students into the On-Campus Work Study program, as the on-campus program is currently at maximum capacity.

    Many students and families “freak out” over the prospect of working off-campus – it’s not that scary! J All but one of our employers are within a 5-10 minute drive of the University (no freeway driving!); we bring the jobs to you, and we network for you, so all you need to do is show up at the Work Study Job Fair with a desire to work and make a positive impact for our Savior in our community!

    The Off-Campus program is an amazing opportunity to gain valuable skills, contacts and references from the professional business world. Many of our off-campus employers have hired TMU grads straight out of college, and have long standing relationships with the University.

    HOWEVER, know that the commitment you make with these employers is crucial – these are REAL jobs you’ll be filling, and in many ways you will be a community ambassador for The Master’s University and a Christian witness to a secular workplace.

    Q. I really don’t think I’ll be able to work 8 hours a week off campus. Should I follow through with the online application and just pay off what I don’t work off at the end of the year, or should I give back the award because I can’t fit in 8-10 hours a week?

    Unfortunately, 5 hours/week scheduled availability would not justify keeping a Work Study award.

    I would suggest declining your Off-Campus Work Study award. All of our off-campus employers are looking to hire work study students who can work at least 8 hours a week consistently; sadly, you may not be able to find an off-campus Work Study job with our employers because of your schedule.

    Q. What happens if I don’t earn the 80% Work Study Credit on my Student Account by the end of the school year?

    The difference would be added to your Student Account bill.

    Of course, you shouldn’t have a problem with this if you appropriately manage your schedule. We don’t want to charge any unworked Work Study amounts against your Student Account at the end of the year. Work Study students may contact the Office of Student Employment at any time to learn how to track your hours and earnings in real time so you can actively keep on top of your schedule, and manage the amount that will be charged back.

    We will lower/adjust your award if you fall significantly behind in your earnings.

    Q. I have the $3,000 award for Work Study this school year. If $1,200 is applied to each semester, where does the last $600 go?

    Simply, that $600 is a cushion for taxes. For example: Student A earned $3,000 (before taxes – award reached), and earned $2,965.46 (after taxes; this amount credited to Student Account); student paid $34.54 in federal taxes. We also try to cut our students a “grace zone” so there’s minimal financial impact if you’re a little short.

    Q. Is there only one application for Work Study (the one we are supposed to fill out on Content Management)? If not, what other forms do we need to fill out?

    The online application/resume is all that is required, as it’s the one made available to the employers, but we encourage students to put together a more detailed resume, which they can provide to employers as you narrow your job search, and to take to the Work Study Job Fair. There are HR/employment forms to complete, but you will not need to worry about those until you get here! We will have everything ready for you.

    **Q. There are several jobs that interest me. Can I contact all of them and get hired for a job before I arrive on campus? **\ \ You can feel free to contact as many departments as you like! I can’t guarantee when you’ll get a response right away though – in some cases it may be the same day, but keep in mind that many staff are extremely busy, away on mission trips or vacation and not able to respond right away.

    Departments are not allowed to offer employment to any student(s) until the Work Study Job Fair during WOW; this allows you the time to meet as many supervisors and departments as possible. However, keep in mind that you can only accept one job, and you must commit to that choice. “Returning” a job you accepted (completed hiring paperwork for, etc.) in favor of another job that comes later is not allowed, and in doing so risk forfeiture of your Work Study award.

    Q. Is a Work Study job something I can easily accommodate with my school schedule?

    Participating in The Master’s University Work Study Program, whether on or off campus, is an important commitment and one that should have priority as students work out their schedule and commitments for the upcoming school year. All TMU asks is that students be intentional and realistic with their goals and commitments, and plan accordingly.

    Students seeking any type of administrative or clerical positions should prepare blocks of time in their schedule during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm) for work. Students who have a week of tightly packed classes can fulfill their Work Study hours in the evenings or weekends by working for Athletics, or the Cafeteria.

    A Work Study obligation can be particularly strenuous for students in the following programs/majors; students enrolled in these academic programs should take extra time in preparing their schedule(s):




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