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The Master’s University graduates are in high demand. In addition to cutting edge skills and knowledge in their fields, alumni are recognized for their uncompromising integrity. In addition to academic achievement and professional excellence, a Christian liberal arts university education uniquely empowers graduates in many ways, including:

  • The practice of a strong and biblically-motivated work ethic while continuing the development of professional expertise.

  • Deep critical thinking abilities including the ability and desire for inquiry into the great issues of life.

  • The practice of intentional stewardship of time, abilities, and resources, and a pursuit of a lifetime of wholesomeness.

  • The practice of honesty, courtesy, and civility toward all persons.

  • The integration of an appreciation and respect for the arts - an understanding of diverse cultures - an increasing command of spoken and written languages - a functional grasp of the sweep of human history.

  • The pursuit of the building of godly families.

TMU alumni often pursue graduate degrees. TMU offers a variety of graduate degrees in business, ministry, and teaching. TMS also offers a wide range of graduate and doctoral programs, all in fields of ministry. For TMU graduates who pursue graduate programs at other schools, these students enjoy an extremely high acceptance rate to their school of choice. For example, the medical school acceptance rate is 95%. We track graduate school acceptance by program. For example:

  • Since 2007, Kinesiology students have attended over 29 graduate schools including CSU, UCLA, USC; the University of Florida, of Montana, of Nebraska, of New Mexico, of Pittsburg, of South Carolina, of Wisconsin; as well as private and specialized schools including Azusa Pacific, Loma Linda, and Liberty University.

  • Political Studies graduates have been accepted to the following Law Schools: Harvard University, University of Chicago, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, UCLA, USC, University of Notre Dame, University of Iowa, Indiana University, Pepperdine University, University of Oregon, University of the Pacific (McGeorge), Texas A&M University, and Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

We also track which companies hire TMU alumni on a regular basis. For example, companies which hire TMU business graduates include KPMG, Oakley Inc, Columbia Sportswear, Clorox Company, Military (USMC), Bank of the West, Joni and Friends, JRW Investing, Deloitte, Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola Company, Disney, General Motors, Princess Cruiselines, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Raytheon, and Alexandria Real Estate Equities.

The Master’s University enjoys the support of several corporate sponsors, including:

  • EUROSPA (Long Beach, CA)
  • JRW (Pasadena, CA)
  • PAC (Newhall, CA)
  • RED RHINO (Palm Springs, FL)
  • SPORTSTEK (Murrieta, CA)

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