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We are committed to developing a distinctively Christian multi-cultural community under the lordship of Christ and according to His Word. We recognize that cultures not only stem from continents and countries, but arise within cities and regions in our nation. Through our Multi-Cultural Student Advancement Office, we seek to serve and care for students who join us from diverse contexts. We desire to see students of different cultures participating in and contributing to campus life as well as the community through service and ministry opportunities. Clubs like the C3 Unity Club work to grow interpersonal relationships on campus and promote genuine Christian unity. Our culturally diverse chapel program and on-campus public forums provide opportunity for every student to grow in awareness and compassion toward multi-cultural issues.

The motto of The Master’s University –For Christ and Scripture- signifies our commitment to the reality of the universal lordship of Jesus Christ and the sufficiency of His Word. We are bound to this reality because of our anchoring in the Scriptures, which present Christ as Lord over all creation.[1] This confession of Christ’s preeminence gives TMU commanding reasons to welcome, affirm and celebrate diversities of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and culture in its population and programs.

In creating man God elected to create him in the very likeness and image of Himself.[2] The Bible clearly points that all humans are made in the image of God. The image of God (imago dei) designates mankind as the image bearers of God, carrying the same attributes with their Creator.[3] This stems to every person from every tribe, tongue, and ethnicity that exists, since God made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth.[4] Understanding this then it is to be resolved that every human being possesses an inherent dignity, meaning, and worth –he or she being made in the imago dei.

It is true that the unity of the created order is deeply disrupted by sin. Men and women, families, tribes, ethnicities, and nations have been set against one another, with differences among people often serving as a pretext for personal and systematic injustice.[5] Yet God has responded to the sin of prejudice and partiality not by abandoning His world, but by providing for its redemption[6] and reconciliation.[7] In consequence, a core value of the Christian church is unity. Jesus prayed that his followers might have complete unity so that the world might believe and know that he was sent by the Father.[8] God’s people are called to repent of sin, grow in grace, acknowledge and submit to truth, seek justice, show mercy, practice forgiveness, and go and make disciples of all nations [9] –all because of Christ’s atoning work by which, we’ve been united together in Him, and the power of sin has been broken.

Given the divine intention for creation, then, we see human diversity as a feature of life worth savoring; a featured designed and embraced by God. The unity of the kingdom, attained and emulated on earth by Christian fellowship,[10] gladly acknowledges the variety of personal backgrounds, histories, and contexts out of which love, thanksgiving, and worship are rendered to God. The vision of heaven presented by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation is that of a diverse group of believers from every tribe, language, people and nation, who find their unity, not in similar cultural customs or linguistic patterns, but rather in their worship of the one and only King of kings and Lord of lords, the Lamb upon the throne, Jesus. [11]

Anticipating this fulfillment, Christian relationships across differences are to be unbiased and impartial rather than repressive, joyful and loving rather than dismissive. Individuals must not be stigmatized for being different; rather within the church, diversity is a glorious property of the whole. “We” are a diverse body of many members, from various languages, cultures and continents, which have been united together in Christ eternally is the sentiment shared by all true Christians. This is only achievable through the gospel which gives us new eyes to see from the vantage point(s) of creation/redemption, to our future hope and glory.[12]

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Our Mission

The office of Multicultural Student Advancement (MCSA) serves to help develop and maintain a distinctively Christian, diverse community at the Master’s College (TMU). We desire to see students, from different cultures and from various contexts, participating in and contributing to the overall educational experience of campus life at TMU.

Our Vision

MCSA strives to empower students to embrace a healthy biblical perspective of diversity, and achieve cultural competency, while motivating and teaching them to model love and unity that values the contributions of all people. This is achieved through the offering of programs and events that are affirming and supportive of the diverse ethnic and cultural realities of our world.

Our Objectives

To enroll students from ethnically and culturally diverse contexts:

Recruiting students of color and students from other underrepresented groups

Assisting prospective “minority” students considering study at TMU

Providing academic advising and student advocacy

Helping with the procurement of scholarship and sponsorship grant monies

To share cultural experience(s) and insight with the student body that will assist in:

Creating a supportive campus culture, through culturally relevant programs and events

Strengthening cross-cultural relationships

Cultivating awareness and sensitivity related to issues of culture and ethnicity

Our Method:

As a hybrid office between the Student Life and Admissions departments, MCSA specializes in both the recruitment and retention of students from among the diverse cultural contexts within the United States. Focusing on urban centers and the inner city, we seek to establish relationships with churches and leaders in these communities that will assist us in identifying “mission-match” recruits for TMU, while developing culturally applicable programming and social support for the underrepresented student population of our school.

C3Unity- Student led club

Founded on the premise of Colossians 3:11- “Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free; but Christ is all, and in all”, C3Unity works to grow interpersonal relationships on campus and promote genuine Christian unity among the students of TMU. The club gives students an opportunity to interact and network with others from diverse contexts as well as to learn how they can live as effective Christian witnesses in a multicultural environment on the campus of TMU and around the world. Throughout the year C3Unity organizes events, field trips, forums, and workshops alongside the Student Life Staff, Associate Academic Dean, and Faculty. Be a part of C3Unity - Join the Facebook Group


One of our desires at the Master’s University is that students would graduate with a deep commitment and affection for the local church. One of the ways that we stroke the fire of their hearts to that end is Engage! This fall outreach event is a ministry exposure designed to inspire and mobilize our students to serve with local churches. We cancel classes and break up into small teams to work with churches in: evangelism, children’s and youth outreach, college outreach, ethnic outreach, manual labor projects, sports outreach, music ministry, women’s ministry, ministry to the deaf and blind, and ministry to the elderly. More about Engage! here…

Chapel/Public Forums

Chapel at The Master’s College exists for the proclamation of God’s Word to our campus community. Our culturally diverse chapel program throughout the year provides an opportunity for every student to grow in awareness and compassion toward multicultural issues. There are also on-campus public forums which serve to help students express the joys, concerns, struggles and triumphs that they see and experience. The goal is conscious cultivation of the Christian virtues of humility, discernment, courage, justice and love on our campus. See Thabiti Anyabwile preach on “Ethnicity & the Mission of God” at the 2012 Truth & Life Conerence.

Introduction To Urban Ministry (Fall Semester)

During the fall semester of each school year Dr. Mark Tatlock teaches ‘Introduction to Urban Ministry,’ a class offered as part of fulfillment of cross cultural units in the traditional undergrad program. Intro to Urban Ministry is designed to expose students to the dynamics of inner city ministry by personally investigating how principles of missions are implemented in urban churches and ministries within the greater Los Angeles. The office of Multicultural Student Advancement assists Dr. Tatlock with instruction and weekly field trips to Urban Ministry sites throughout Los Angeles County.

The Multicultural Student Advancement office also serves TMU through:

The recruiting and acquisition of students from ethnically and culturally diverse contexts

The procurement of scholarship and sponsorship monies

Academic advising and student advocacy

The coordinating of campus wide educational workshops/seminars

Referrals to urban and ethnic church and community outreach organizations

The development of culturally applicable programming and social support of underrepresented students

Student organization involvement