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International Students

One-Stop Resource Office

TMU’s International Ministries Office serves as an important connection point for international students and TCKs, starting at the application stage and continuing through to graduation and beyond. Experienced staff come alongside professors and residence life staff help meet the unique needs of students coming from a variety of cross-cultural backgrounds.

Custom-Tailored Admissions Process

Several years ago the TMU Admissions Office recognized the benefit of having an admissions counselor specifically dedicated to international students and other TCKs. The international admissions staff work with applicants and their families to ensure a smooth application process marked by open and consistent communication, whether a student is applying from Tokyo or Tulsa.

Unique International Orientation Program

International students, MK’s, and other Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are invited to participate in a strategic orientation program called “Passport to Master’s.” This two-day program takes place prior to the traditional Week of Welcome (a week-long orientation for all new students). By arriving early, students have the opportunity to discuss specific cultural issues, become acquainted with The Master’s University (TMU) campus, and meet other students from around the globe. Passport to Master’s involves various seminars and activities, and culminates with a special dinner reception for the new students and their family members.

Customized Financial Aid

It’s becoming harder and harder to find a comprehensive, high-caliber education founded upon a biblical worldview. In light of this, a quality education from The Master’s University has become more valuable than ever. It’s something worth investing in. International students and TCKs have proven to be an asset to the TMU campus and successful representatives of the college in their future endeavors. Consequently, The Master’s University has made a strong commitment to partner with these students and their families in funding this important investment. While TMU cannot provide a full scholarship to students, significant discounts may be obtained. Detailed information about scholarships and grants for international students can be found here.

International Community

TMU’s International Student Liaisons (ISLs)—help foster a vibrant community of international students and TCKs on campus. Through regular events and an annual retreat, international students and TCKs find opportunities to connect with each other and develop life-long friendships. Simultaneously, our ISLs help mobilize students to get involved in all areas of campus life: music, sports, leadership, outreach, etc…. The Master’s University does not believe in fostering international student or MK cliques—our approach is one of integration and support. In light of this, TMU has intentionally shifted away from offering segregated programs or housing for international students and TCKs.


Each year The Master’s University hosts a hand-picked missionary family (on furlough) living on campus (this could be you!). Their home—kitchen, fireplace, and all—is available to students who want to stop by. TMU’s Missionaries-in-Residence become a great asset not only to students currently pursuing global missions, but to international students and TCKs who just want to share their own experiences with someone, or seek a bit of extra advice.