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How do I change a choice I made during pre-registration?

Pre-registration selections like meal plan, housing preference, and payment plan can be changed through the same form.

How do I change my billing address?

Log onto your Self-Service account and select “My Profile” from the options at the top. Use the “Manage Address” feature to change your active home or billing addresses.

Why is there a charge for medical insurance on my bill?

All students are required to be covered by medical/accident insurance, whether it is through a plan contracted through TMUS or their own. An insurance premium will be charged to your account unless you complete an approved waiver through the waiver website and mail a copy of the front and backside of your insurance card to the Health Center (TMU) or to Academic Records (TMS).

If you were already charged for the TMUS insurance premium, but have personal insurance and wish to waive your premium, you may do so by completing the waiver online. If you are approved, the charge will be removed. This can be done up to the end of add/drop period.

The policy provided through TMUS covers the student from August 1st of the current year through January 9th of the following year (FALL premium), or January 10th through July 31st (SPRING premium). All questions about the specific provisions of the plan should be directed to the plan provider.

Information on the plan is available on the TMU Health Center website.

Why was I charged a late fee?

A late fee will be assessed to the account if the full payment amount due is not received by the due dates. A partial payment or payment less than the amount due may still be assessed a late fee.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill?

If a student does not pay the required monthly minimum payment, he/she will receive a notification reminding them of the delinquent payment and his/her student account will be placed on “Stop” by Student Accounts. The stop is a tool used both to track delinquent student accounts and to prevent students from registering for additional classes or making schedule changes.

Special arrangements may be made if a student is unable to pay according to the prescribed schedule or terms. Such arrangements must be requested in writing to the Student Accounts Office and will not be considered valid unless approved by the Director of Student Accounts.

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