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Vocal Performance emphasis, Bachelor of Music

The BM in Vocal Performance Degree at TMU combines the academic rigor and practical experience required of anyone pursuing vocal studies at the college level with a clear understanding of God’s Word and how to utilize one’s singing talents for the glory of God in a myriad of different occupations. Students are provided high-level instruction, varied musical experiences, and numerous opportunities on campus and off for performance. At TMU, the whole person is trained; we desire our graduates to be well-rounded individuals who love the Lord and their craft more after their time here.

Who should apply

This degree is geared toward a serious vocalist who is interested in pursuing a career as a performer either in opera or musical theatre professions, singing in professional choirs, as an oratorio specialist, session singer or who desires to teach voice at the high school or college level; many students in this degree program go on to pursue graduate work in their field.

Students in this program would have access to the following opportunities:

  • Opera Workshop: Annual production of full operas or opera scenes in English directed by Prof. Shaw and accompanied by the orchestra

  • The Master’s University Chorale: Auditioned touring choral group of 50 members

  • University Singers: 130-member campus community choir with oratorio solo opportunities

  • Chapel Band: Auditioned group including several singers who help lead chapel worship 2 or 3 times a week, considered part of servant leadership staff; scholarships available

  • Music Career Meetings: Hear from various professionals in their musical field including session singers, vocal instructors from other institutions, conductors, opera, theater, and vocal jazz artists

  • Masterclasses: Attend and participate in voice master classes with guest clinicians held both at TMU and other institutions - close ties with NATS leadership allows our students ample performance opportunities and input from high-level instructors and artists

  • NATS Competitions – National Association of Teachers of Singing holds collegiate level auditions each spring that students can participate in and receive comments and possibly place in various categories


Alumni: Alumni with this degree are singing with opera programs, off-Broadway and regional theater, for Disney, have succeeded in session and oratorio work, created businesses around their craft such as caroling groups or traveling ministry groups, own their private studios, own theater companies, teach at the high school level, are college professors in the vocal area, sing in professional choirs and direct choral groups of varying degrees.

Salary: According to PayScale, Vocal Performance graduates average salaries of $52,000 and have a high level of job satisfaction

LA: Los Angeles is one of the top music producing cities in the country, including a myriad of concerts and recitals of varying styles, session singing, and recording opportunities, semi-professional and professional opera companies, community and professional theaters, community and professional choirs with solo opportunities, church jobs, and ministry opportunities and many programs nearby for students pursuing graduate studies in voice.


The degree requirements for Vocal Performance are congruent with degree standards across the nation (course unit requirements, jury and recital criteria, etc.). As a NASM accredited institution, the Vocal Performance degree meets all requirements for course offerings and standards of performance as necessitated by the accrediting agency.

The Master’s University is accredited by NASM, the National Association of Schools of Music. The School of Music is large enough to provide performance opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities, yet small enough to grant individual attention and a variety of experiences. Our graduating Bachelor of Music students recently scored in the 96th percentile in the 2018 national standardized test (Education Testing Service, Princeton)

Audition & Recital Requirements

Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide. Students interested in the Vocal Performance degree would be expected to have moderate to strong musicianship skills (ear training, sight-singing, some piano background) along with some level of vocal training and performance experience, whether individually or in a high-level choral setting.

Audition (live) with two classical songs, one being from the 27 Italian Songs & Arias book, and must pass a musicianship exam including practical and written elements. Elements of voice technique, tone, breath support, expression, diction, and accuracy to music and style are taken into account.

  • Junior Recital (25 min. of music; 3 languages represented; 3-5 min. theater/pop allowance) in the fall semester of their junior year

  • Senior Recital (55 min. of music; 4 languages represented; 5-8 min. theater/pop allowance) in the spring semester of their senior year.

  • All other music majors with voice as their primary instrument must perform a Senior Recital (25 min. of music; 3 languages represented; 3-5 min. theater/pop allowance) in the spring semester of their senior year.

Music majors with voice as a secondary instrument and non-music majors have no recital requirement.

Potential Careers

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Core Courses

MU283 Diction: English
MU346 Stage Training
MU435 Vocal Literature
MU436 Vocal Pedagogy
MU336,363 or 364 Italian, French, or German
MU141A Music Theory I - IV
MU141B Aural Skills I - IV
MU295 Music & Art for Musicians
B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
B102 Old Testament I & II
B201 New Testament I & II
BTH321 Christian Theology I & II

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