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In a world where communication touches every realm of life, The Master’s University prepares students to excel in their chosen field for the Lord’s glory. Our students are trained by working professionals for future careers in marketing, PR, journalism, film and video production, content creation, and much more. In addition, the essential elements of Christianity—evangelization (leading people to save faith in Jesus Christ) and edification (discipling believers to maturity)—require practical communication skills. The Department of Communication, therefore, seeks to identify and develop the spiritual gifts of students relating to communication, laying a foundation for their future careers and ministries.

The Speech emphasis at TMU trains students to think, write, and speak clearly and effectively. They develop key skills for interpersonal and public communication, and they graduate with critical thinking and problem-solving strategies that will serve them well wherever the Lord takes them after TMU. Students learn how to persuade effectively and ethically, using both verbal and nonverbal skills that allow them to connect with their audiences. As followers of Christ who have been called to make disciples, our students are equipped to speak authoritatively, confidently, and winsomely about the Master.

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