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Pure Mathematics


The Pure Mathematics emphasis is designed to provide a strong foundation for the student interested in pursuing graduate study in the field of mathematics. It also offers preparation for fields such as statistics and engineering, or for a future in teaching math. Because there is a massive need for mathematicians and very few people to help fill the gap, our graduates have diverse career possibilities.

Students in the Pure Mathematics program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of fundamental algebraic structures (e.g. groups, rings, and fields)
  • Demonstrate mastery of the rigorous development and theory of calculus
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of number theory and a familiarity with the history of mathematics
  • Demonstrate a basic working knowledge of the properties of complex numbers and complex-valued functions

Due to the ever-increasing influence of technology, the study of mathematics is crucial for logical thinking and preparation for any technical vocation. The Department of Mathematics provides a thorough and robust understanding of mathematics as a part of God’s creation in a concentrated effort to integrate faith and learning. The small class sizes are optimal for detailed, personal, and focused training in each area. Math students at TMU are challenged and strengthened incalculably through their studies to thrive in any math-based job they enter after graduation.

Potential Careers

Actuarial Science
Financial Analysis
Mathematical Modeling
Operations Research Analysis

Questions about a potential career? Visit our Student Career Center.

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