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TMU’s B.A. in Mathematics, emphasis in Pre-Engineering, lays a strong foundation for further education in the field of engineering. Through a focused study of applied mathematics, students learn to implement mathematical applications in a variety of applied fields. They also become familiar with the fundamental principles of motion, energy, and force, as well as of electricity, magnetism, and optics.

Engineering is an upwardly-mobile career, both in terms of salary and promotions. Additionally, engineers often have flexible work schedules that allow for work-life balance. The median engineer salary starts at $85,000, according to the BLS, and industries that pay well include oil and gas extraction as well as software publishers. There are over 5,800 mechanical engineers in the Los Angeles area alone, and engineering is an in-demand field across the US. Some top mechanical engineering firms (many of which are in California) include TESLA, Lockheed Martin, NASA, The Boeing Company, GE Aviation, the United States Department of Energy, and The Walt Disney Company.

Potential Careers

Teaching & Research
Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Computer Engineering

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