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Political Theory, B.A. in Political Studies

Majoring in Political Studies at the Master’s University equips believers not only for productive careers in law, politics, or business but also for responsible citizenship. Through a biblical framework, professors teach small classes on the theory and philosophy of civilizations. Because justice, law, and government originate with God, it is best to study God’s purpose for those institutions at an institution where the Bible is preached without shame and compromise.

The Department of History & Political Studies is designed to help all students develop an understanding of the complex factors that have produced the civilizations of the present and also aid students in becoming responsible Christian citizens. Primarily because of our emphasis on systematic research and analysis, students receive instruction in preparing for careers in law, education, business, government service, public relations, or library work, as well as graduate study in law, theology, history, or political science.

The department acknowledges that God is sovereign in human affairs of the past, present, and future. With that foundational truth, students are aided in developing Christian philosophies of history and politics as parts of an overarching biblical worldview. Every course should help students integrate the Christian faith and the academic fields.

  • Graduates have been accepted into 13 of the top 20 law schools, including 7 of the top 10

  • Small class sizes provide valuable individual attention to each student

  • All class material is evaluated within a biblical framework


Potential Careers

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Core Courses

POL455 Christian Political Thought
POL473 American Political Thought I & II
POL466 The Federalist Papers
POL464 Machiavelli

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