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Music & Business emphasis, B.A. in Music

The Music & Business emphasis best equips students in entrepreneurship and business knowledge for employment in many areas, from running a small music studio to working in churches to a variety of roles in the music industry. This degree is for students with a musical background who desire to achieve a solid education in music along with a significant amount of study in other areas. Emphases provide a secondary focus comprising about 10-20% of the total degree requirements. Performance requirements may be satisfied by a recital or a project.

The TMU School of Business ranks among the biggest and best institutions in the country. Our graduates’ success is credited to uncompromisingly high expectations and the faculty’s commitment to personally instructing their students through a biblical lens.

  • #1 Business Program in California: Our students’ CPA scores rank above the biggest and best schools in California

  • TOP 7% nationally overall, top 5% in marketing, top 3% in finance. The NASBA Report ranked TMU among the top 10 institutions nationally and ranked us second of similar-sized school

  • TOP 10 Christian Universities and TOP 15% Colleges with the Best Academics in California (, 2019)

National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) Accreditation

The Master’s University is accredited by NASM, the National Association of Schools of Music. The School of Music is large enough to provide performance opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities, yet small enough to grant individual attention and a variety of experiences. Our graduating Bachelor of Music students recently scored in the 96th percentile in the 2018 national standardized test (Education Testing Service, Princeton).

The School of Music continually works to create an atmosphere for the entire student body that is conducive to cultural growth and an appreciation for the fine arts. We aim to offer a well-balanced scope of many styles of music and opportunities for exposure to those styles. The curriculum is designed to serve the entire University community.

  • Applied music courses (private lessons, ensembles, etc.) are available to all students of the University for active participation and development of individual musical skills.

  • Additional courses are also open for growth in the knowledge and expression of the musical arts.


At The Master’s University, we believe that music fulfills what nothing else can satisfy. It fosters creativity, confidence, and community responsibility while promoting diligence and multicultural understanding. Music equips the mind and the spirit and produces skills that transfer to all areas of life.


The school provides an acoustically mastered recital hall that is flexible for rehearsals, concerts, and recording sessions, in addition to 15 Wenger sound-proof practice rooms, including some V-rooms with built-in emulation of larger environments. Students have access to 33 pianos, two organs, and two harpsichords. The Master’s University music facilities include the most recent music notation and sequencing software programs. The state-of-the-art recording facility is integrated into the recital hall. This all-digital room is anchored by a 32-fader ICON D-Control work surface and features an industry-standard Avid Pro Tools HDX2 system with a variety of plugins and outboard processing. The studio is used for classes as well as school ensemble projects, allowing audio technology students to put their knowledge to the test in a real-world studio recording context.

Study Abroad


  • The Master’s Chorale: 53-member auditioned choir

  • Wind Ensemble: approximately 50 music majors, non-music majors, and community members

  • Women’s Chamber Choir: 15-20 women

  • Handbells: three handbell choirs (basic, advanced and small ensemble)

  • Chamber Strings: auditioned ensemble of students, faculty, and musicians from the local community

  • University Singers: non-auditioned, a campus community choir of approximately 150 members

  • The Master’s University Orchestra: The 70 members come from both TMU students and accomplished instrumentalists from the northern Los Angeles area, many of whom are professional musicians

  • Opera Workshop: semester project concluding in a staged production of selected opera scenes or a full opera

  • Other Ensembles: Piano Ensembles, Instrumental Chamber Ensembles including a String Quartet, Brass Quartet and Woodwind Quintet, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Pep Band, Vocal Jazz Quartet and Barbershop Quartet.


Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.

  • 100% required Statement of Faith and Pastoral Recommendation for Admissions

  • 3.6 GPA average for new applicants

  • Prelude: completing your audition for entrance into the School of Music. For more information about auditions, please see HERE and select the “Prospective Students” tab.

  • Easy Online Application: see all admission deadlines and criteria here: Apply

Potential Careers

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Core Courses

MKT361 Marketing Strategies
Church Music Leadership & Admin.
MU141-2A Music Theory I & II
MU141-2B Aural Skills I & II
B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
MKT462 Sales & Customer Service
MGT330 Business Communications
BUS320 Business Law
MU295 Music & Art for Musicians
BTH321-2 Christian Theology I & II
MU223 Audio Engineering I
MU404 Recording Techniques
B101-2 Old Testament I & II
B201-1 New Testament I & II

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