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Mathematics Education emphasis, B.A. in Mathematics

Due to the ever-increasing influence of technology, the study of mathematics is crucial for both logical thinking and the preparation for any technical vocation. Mathematics is also a vital part of a well-rounded liberal arts education.

There is a vast need for mathematicians and very few people to help fill that gap. The small class sizes are optimal for detailed, personal, and focused training in each area. Students majoring in Mathematics at Master’s are challenged and strengthened incalculably in their studies to go into any mathematically based job and thrive. The innovative curriculum includes options to complete a Biblical Studies minor, and to study abroad in TMU’s Israel Campus “IBEX”, in the Italy summer semester, and GO! Trips.

Students are required to complete 24 Mathematics Core units, 26-27 Mathematics Emphasis units, 37 General Education units, and 21 Bible units. A minimum total of 122 units are required to graduate.

The Mathematics curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundational core for the student interested in pursuing graduate study. We offer students the opportunity for preparation in fields relating to applied mathematics, such as statistics and engineering. The Department of Mathematics provides a thorough and robust offering in mathematics as a part of God’s creation in a concentrated effort to integrate faith and learning. A minor in mathematics is available to students from all other departments and can be pursued in conjunction with every other major on campus.

Mathematics Education Emphasis Courses

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of fundamental algebraic structures (e.g. groups and rings).
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of number theory and a familiarity with the history of mathematics.
  • Demonstrate a basic working knowledge of the nature and applications of discrete structures.
  • Demonstrate a basic mastery of the principles of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries.

Mathematics core courses: 24. Total units required for emphasis: 48

  • MA253 Discrete Mathematics (3)
  • MA262 Elementary Statistics (3)
  • MA344 Modern Geometry (3)
  • MA355 Number Theory/History of Mathematics (3)
  • MA425 Mathematical Modeling (3)
  • MA453 Abstract Algebra I (3)
  • P321 History and Philosophies of Education* (3) Fulfills general education requirement for P311; teaching credential program prerequisite.
  • Additional upper-division mathematics courses (3)


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Potential Careers

The education students receive in Mathematics at The Master’s University will provide the first step toward careers in:

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Core Courses

P321 Philosophies of Education
MA253 Discrete Mathematics
MA262 Elementary Statistics
MA344 Modern Geometry
MA355 Number Theory/History of Math
MA425 Mathematical Modeling
MA453 Abstract Algebra I
B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
Old Testament Survey I & II
New Testament Survey I & II
Christian Theology I & II

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