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The Liberal Studies major is designed to offer the student a broad, interdisciplinary program of study, the epitome of the liberal arts education.

The classroom and educational experience for each student, whether they are in kindergarten or college, falls largely on the attitude and skill of their teacher. To learn from some of the most loving, intellectual, organized, hard-working, and wise instructors while being trained to teach yourself is a rare opportunity. Students are educated in the methodology behind the classroom, given hands on experience in practicing to teach, and have wonderful examples to sit under and watch. The influence teachers have on their students is vital for their personal growth. In a world that is growing darker and darker, knowing how to be an example of Christ— in a secular or religious school— is an invaluable asset to teachers who want to make a genuine impact in young lives.

  • Local schools consistently ask for our graduates. They know our students are rigorously trained from the beginning

  • 150 years of classroom experience combined in full-time faculty

  • Teach on all trends of education

  • Nearly 100% of teaching credential alumni are employed within their first year of completing the program

  • Strong partnerships with local districts

See the full B.A. in Liberal Studies degree check list: Degree Checklist

Teaching Credential Program: TMU has a California-approved teacher preparation program leading to either the Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential. Each program is a two-semester program (Fall start) and includes structured fieldwork and student teaching. Learn more about the 5th Year Teaching Credential.

Master of Education (M.Ed): The Master’s University Online Master of Education in Teaching develops educational professionals, equipping them to integrate the Word of God into all aspects of the classroom. Learn more about the M.Ed

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Core Courses

General Education: 40
Bible: 21
Major Core Courses: 18-24
English/Communication (18-24 units)
Science/Mathematics (18-24 units)
Social Science (18-24 units)
Humanities/Fine Arts (18-24 units)
B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
BTH321/2 Christian Theology I and II
ED402 Liberal Studies Senior Capstone

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