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Liberal Studies


B.A. in Liberal Studies


The BA in Liberal Studies is designed to offer the student a broad, interdisciplinary program of study, the epitome of the liberal arts education.

Designed for the student who desires an interdisciplinary degree, liberal studies incorporate English/Communications, Science/Mathematics, Social Science, and Fine Arts/Humanities. Firmly grounded in the Biblical doctrine of the university, the degree program allows students to develop a biblical worldview as they study the various disciplines to sharpen their skills in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

  • Graduates pursue careers in business, athletics, teaching, or creative paths.

  • This degree has built-in flexibility, making it notably transfer-friendly.

  • Well-rounded curriculum allows students to focus on more than one area of interest

See the full B.A. in Liberal Studies degree checklist: Degree Checklist

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Potential Careers

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Core Courses

General Education: 40
Bible: 21
English/Communication (15-30 units)
Mathematics/Science (15-30 units)
Social Science (15-30 units)
Humanities/Fine Arts (15-30 units)
ED402 Liberal Studies Senior Capstone

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