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We believe that journalism, though it is in transition, remains a vital, growing profession populated by intelligent storytellers with a knack for clear communication across various forms of mass (and targeted) media. We also believe that journalism in all forms must be characterized by a love for and a commitment to truth and accuracy. And finally, we believe that followers of Jesus Christ are uniquely equipped to discern and communicate truth.

In our Journalism emphasis, our students learn by doing, both on and off campus. By participating in TMU’s student newspaper (“The Mane”) and completing internships with local (and not so local) news agencies and outlets who have partnered with TMU, students are placed into the world of the working journalist. Through these opportunities, students earn college credit while developing professional clippings and direct experience in the field.

Our program also offers journalism students something unusual: the opportunity to specialize. For example, students interested in economic journalism can take courses in business and finance toward a journalism degree. Political journalists can take courses in history and political studies. The program is designed to flex with the individual needs of each student to best equip them for success in their area of interest.

  • • Location within 30 miles of most major studios in Los Angeles

  • • $100,000 worth of equipment donated by Black Magic Design, including industry-level 4k cameras, sound and light equipment, a podcast studio, and more

  • • Student news site and printed newspaper (“The Mane”) curated by students

  • • Diverse student projects such as graphic novels, short films, and feature-length productions, which can later be used in their professional portfolios

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Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

All faculty share in the commitment to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.

Study & Serve Abroad - IBEX

Study & Serve Abroad - IBEX

Study the Bible for a full semester in the land where the Bible was written.

Study & Serve Abroad - Italy

Study & Serve Abroad - Italy

Spend 6 weeks studying language, art, and culture in Florence.

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