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Exercise and Sport Science


Exercise & Sport Science, B.A. Kinesiology & Physical Education

The exercise & sport science emphasis prepares students for careers and specializations in sports nutrition, advanced prevention & care of athletic injuries, reconditioning of athletic injuries, primary physical assessment, and other similar areas. This program trains a person’s knowledge in activity skills, educational methods, scientific factors in body movement analysis, sports injury care, and allied health careers.

The study of the human body, specifically the movement capabilities God intricately designed and sustains (Ps 139:14; Col 1:16-17; Heb 1:3), defines the major we call Kinesiology.

Studying kinesiology and physical education at The Master’s University prepares students to work with the human body as members of the body of Christ. Professors serve not only in the classroom but also in the field working as athletic trainers, daily practicing what’s taught in the classroom — the most up-to-date knowledge and technology available. Students participate in this practical athletic training with Master’s athletes, as well as take hands-on courses in functional anatomy, corrective exercise, and assessment techniques. Alongside these courses, each student is required to have participated in at least one internship before graduation, many of which have led to careers in Allied Health, coaching, firefighting, physical training, teaching, and more.

The School of Science, Mathematics & Health boasts of a 95% graduate school acceptance rate, and many alumni boast of their hands-on experience and career preparation that was facilitated through the kinesiology and physical education department. Students also have the opportunity to study essential principles they can use for a successful career and effective ministry in physical education, sports, and pre-physical therapy.

Why Kinesiology & Health?

  • Women’s Athletics: Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Swim & Dive, Track & Field (Indoor/Outdoor), Volleyball
  • Men’s Athletics: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Swim & Dive, Track & Field (Outdoor), Volleyball

Degree Checklist

  • General Education Courses (30 units)

  • Bible (21 units)

  • Major Courses (55-57 units)

Sample Classes:

KPE308 Functional Assessment in Human Performance KPE314 Biomechanics KPE316 Physiology of Exercise KPE396 Program Design for Strength and Conditioning KPE425 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

Under Class and internship examples, remove KPE10

Intercollegiate Athletics Professional Activities I: Team Sports Professional Activities II: Racket/Club Sports Professional Activities III: Aquatics Professional Activities IV: Gymnastics Professional Activities V: Conditioning/Rhythms Professional Activities VI: Combatives Professional Activities VII: Outdoor Educational Activities Professional Activities VIII: Nontraditional

Class and internship examples:

  • KPE425 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries: Theory and practice in the prevention and care of athletic injuries. This course will cover injury recognition and evaluation of common upper and lower extremity injuries in the athletic populations. In addition, general medical conditions found in active populations will be discussed.

  • KPE479 Clinical Internship: Off-campus observation and analysis of various allied health care settings.

Potential Careers

Core Courses

Bible: 21
Major Core Courses: 56-73
General Education: 40
Emphasis/Electives: 0-26
KPE222 Sport Analysis
KPE316 Physiology of Exercise
B101/2 Old Testament Survey I & II
B201/2 New Testament Survey I & II
BTH321/2 Christian Theology I & II
B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
KPE313 Adapted Physical Education
KPE316 Physiology of Exercise
KPE426 Advanced Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
KPE446 Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries
KPE479 Clinical Internship
LS322 Human Physiology
LS362 Medical Microbiology

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