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Creative Writing & Publishing, B.A. in Communication

The Master’s University’s Creative Writing & Publishing (CWP) program is designed for students who are passionate about content creation across the ever-changing spectrum of communicative media: Photography, novel and short story writing, and graphic design. Memoir and narrative non-fiction, journalism, and editing. Radio, podcasting, and video production. Art, graphic novel, and visual storytelling. Creative advertising and marketing. CWP students can choose from a variety of courses that provide opportunities to practice and develop their unique artistic interests.

Career prospects for the CWP student are vast and growing to keep pace with today’s growing appetite for creative content in the business, entertainment, and church media. Recent CWP graduates are working as creative directors, editors, social media content providers, web designers, photographers, graphic artists, journalists, freelance writers and artists, and published authors.

A vital characteristic of the CWP program that students learn by doing. Classes are hands-on and provide regular opportunities for feedback and publication. CWP students graduate with a degree AND a portfolio of creative work to show prospective employers and clients.

If God has gifted you with a creative spark, and if you love inspiring others through what you create, the CWP program may be the perfect place for you to hone your talents and discover why God gave them to you in the first place!

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Core Courses

C351 Creative Writing
C352 Editing I, Principles of Copyediting
C368 Fundamentals of Advertising & Copywriting
C373 Graphic Design I
C412 Advanced Photography
C492 In-Depth Reporting
C471 Writing for Publication
C254 Journal & Autobiographical Writing
C331 Freelance: Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age
C472 Rhetorical Criticism
B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
B101 Old Testament Survey I
B102 Old Testament Survey II
B201 New Testament Survey I
B202 New Testament Survey II
BTH321 Christian Theology I
BTH322 Christian Theology II
MU190 Essentials of Music & Art
C100 Spoken Communication
MA240 Crit. Thinking & Quant. Analysis

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