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In a world where communication touches every realm of life, The Master’s University prepares students to excel in their chosen field for the Lord’s glory. Our students are trained by working professionals for future careers in marketing, PR, journalism, film and video production, content creation, and much more. In addition, the essential elements of Christianity—evangelization (leading people to save faith in Jesus Christ) and edification (discipling believers to maturity)—require practical communication skills. The Department of Communication, therefore, seeks to identify and develop the spiritual gifts of students relating to communication, laying a foundation for their future careers and ministries.

The major’s various emphases allow students to focus on studying a particular medium, or students may choose the Communication Studies emphasis for maximum freedom to explore diverse interests. Department projects and local internships offer all students in the program essential hands-on experience and assists them in building their professional portfolios. All the while, we challenge students to think critically about the content, delivery, and motive of the communication they receive (and send) every day.

  • • Ideal location: TMU is within 30 miles of all major studios in Los Angeles, including Disney (23 miles), Columbia Pictures (31 miles), 20th Century Fox (29 miles), Paramount Pictures (27 miles), Universal Pictures (23 miles), and MGM (28 miles)

  • • Bleeding-edge content: Students are taught ahead of the trends, positioning them to be pioneers and entrepreneurs while still in school and leaders upon graduation

  • • Black Magic Design: $100,000 worth of equipment donated by Black Magic Design, including industry-level 4k cameras, sound and light equipment, a podcast studio, and more

  • • “The Mane”: Student news site and printed newspaper curated by students

  • • Diverse projects: Students participate in various projects such as graphic novels, short films, and feature-length productions, which can later be used in their professional portfolios

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