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Communication Studies


Communication touches every aspect of life and The Master’s University pushes students to excel in their chosen focus in a way that is glorifying to the Lord. In a classroom taught by working professionals, students are equipped with hands-on experience as individuals well as working as part of a team. Each year they work together to create projects like short films and graphic novels, which can later be used in their professional portfolios. The essential elements of Christianity — evangelization and edification — require practical communication skills. The Department of Communication, therefore, seeks to identify and develop the spiritual gifts of students in order to incorporate those gifts under Christ and His plan. Courses in the Department of Communication emphasize the theory and practice of speech communication, film, photography, animation, computer graphics, editing, creative writing, and graphic design. Every graduate leaves well equipped for the working world.

Potential Careers

  • Sports Journalist

  • Advertising Copywriter

  • Writer

  • Publisher

  • Sports Journalist

  • Advertising Copywriter

  • Lawyer

  • Speech Writer

  • Producer

  • Director

  • News Anchor

  • Journalist

  • Graphic Designer

  • Public Relations

  • Film/TV Editor

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Core Courses

C121 Fundamentals of Drawing & Design
C122 Social Media and Communication
C181 Introduction to Cinematography
C254 Journal & Autobiographical Writing
C321 Screenwriting 1
C331 Freelance Entrepreneurship
POL336 Political Communication
C341 Magazine Writing
C371 Interpersonal Communication
C372 Science Fiction
C373 Graphic Design 1
C381 Beginning Public Relations
C392 Advanced Public Relations
C394 Introduction to Computer VFX
C401 Directing
C432 Sports Journalism
C348 Content Marketing
C471 Writing for Publication
C482 Graphic Novel

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