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Communication General, B.A. in Communication

In a world where communication touches every realm of life, The Master’s University disciplines students to not only excel in their chosen focus but also do so in a way that will glorify God. One of the essential elements of Christianity is evangelism, and a degree in Communications will set a student up with some of the best skills to reach the most significant number of people, whether supporting Christian organizations or working in a secular work environment.

  • Only 30 miles from all major studios in Los Angeles: Disney (23 miles), Columbia Pictures (31 miles), 20thCentury Fox (29 miles), Paramount Pictures (27 miles), Universal Pictures (23 miles), MGM (28 miles) and more.

  • Bleeding-edge content: Students are taught ahead of the trends, positioning them to be pioneers and entrepreneurs while still in school and leaders upon graduation.

  • Black Magic Design: $100,000 worth of equipment donated by Black Magic Design, including industry-level 4k cameras, sound and light equipment, a podcast studio, and more.

  • Professors, Pastors, Professionals. Each of our professors has either worked or are still working professionally in their fields.

  • VIMEO Channel Watch Communications Department productions including the award-winning short film “Drift”. Drift won a Cliff Film Festival award, of which 13 countries participated in. Each student involved in its production received IMDB credit.

  • “The Mane” Student Newsite Articles, news and more curated by The Master’s University students

In a classroom taught by working professionals, students are equipped with hands-on experience as well as working as a part of a team. There is a synergy between all emphases, as required in the professional world. Each year they work together to create projects like short films and graphic novels, which can later be used in their professional portfolios. No graduate of the Communications department leaves unprepared.

The essential elements of Christianity—evangelization (leading people to saving faith in Jesus Christ) and edification (discipling believers to maturity)—require practical communication skills. The Department of Communication, therefore, seeks to identify and develop the spiritual gifts of students relating to communication arts and sciences. Courses in the Department of Communication emphasize the theory and practice of speech communication and offer hands-on experience in specific professional fields such as broadcast and print journalism, creative writing, editing, graphic design, photography, computer graphics/animation, and video production/short and feature filmmaking. Students majoring in Communication lay a foundation for careers in teaching, law, advertising, professional writing and broadcasting, editing, digital video production, directing, digital video editing, graphic design, photography, missions, and church-related multimedia production.

Full degree checklist: B.A. in Communications (General)

  • General Education Course Units: 61

  • Communication Core Course Units: 15

  • General Communication Emphasis Course Units: 33

  • Electives: 13

  • Total Units: 122

Potential Careers

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Core Courses

B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
B101 Old Testament Survey I
B102 Old Testament Survey II
B201 New Testament Survey I
B202 New Testament Survey II
BTH321 Christian Theology I
BTH322 Christian Theology II
C100 Spoken Communication
C321 Screenwriting I
C338 Multi-Media Storytelling
C336 Political Communication
C341 Magazine Writing
C388 Communication & Social Movements
C368 Advertising & Copywriting
C381 Beginning Public Relations

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