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Christian Ministries Administration, B.S. in Business Administration

The Christian Ministries Administration emphasis is designed for those who expressly desire to minister in an administrative capacity in a local church or other Christian organization. This emphasis helps prepare students for careers as a pastor, Christian school or Christian college administrator, church administrator, or missions director. In parallel to a rigorous and innovative liberal arts curriculum, students are empowered for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.

  • Best CPA Scores and top 3% in finance: The Master’s University CPA scores rank above the biggest and best schools in California, and top 3% in finance nationwide.

  • Up to 21 credits of Bible Classes included.

  • Students may benefit from 360-degree spiritual growth and development, a vibrant student life, comprehensive financial aid, and a wide range of innovative resources for academics, career preparation, athletics, music & arts, study abroad, and community outreach.

Developing Wisdom. Establishing Convictions. Producing Leaders. That’s what we do at TMU, and that’s why our School of Business can’t keep up with the requests from satisfied employers for more of our graduates because, in the business world, integrity stands out. Our uncompromisingly high expectations and the faculty’s commitment to personally instructing their students through a biblical lens is why our graduates have success.

Degree requirements for the Bachelor’s in Business Administration (B.S.), emphasis in Christian Ministries Administration

Business Administration Core Courses (39 units). You may download the full degree checklist PDF from the “Core Courses” section below.

  • ACC210 Accounting Fundamentals I

  • ACC220 Accounting Fundamentals II

  • ACC460 Tax Accounting

  • BUS310 Statistics for Business

  • BUS320 Business Law

  • BUS490 Business Strategies (Capstone)

  • ECN210 Microeconomics

  • FIN440 Finance

  • INB311 Global Business Strategies

  • MGT310 Management Theory

  • MGT330 Business Communications

  • MIS320 Info. Systems Applications or ACC329 Accounting IS Applications

  • MKT350 Marketing Fundamentals

Christian Ministries Administration Emphasis (13 units)

  • ACC302 Accounting for Non-Profits

  • BTH364 Theology of the Church

  • MGT351 Human Resources Management

  • MGT439 Ministry Administration Practicum

  • One of the following:

    • BUS483 Business Internship
    • POL445 The Church as a Legal Institution
    • __ Bible Elective

Biblical Studies (21 units)

  • B121 Essentials of Christian Thought

  • B101 Old Testament Survey I

  • B102 Old Testament Survey II

  • B201 New Testament Survey I

  • B202 New Testament Survey II

  • BTH321 Christian Theology I

  • BTH322 Christian Theology II

General Education (34 units)

  • BUS330 Business Ethics or P311 Essentials of Philosophy

  • E110 English Composition

  • ECN200 Essentials of Econ. & Society

  • H211 Essentials of World History I

  • H212 Essentials of World History II

  • H230 Essentials of U.S. History

  • LS150 Essentials of Biology or GS150 Essentials of Geology

  • LS150L Essentials of Biology Lab or GS150L Essentials of Geology Lab

  • MU190 Essentials of Music & Art

  • POL220 U.S. Government

  • Literature Survey (Choose one below)

  • Literature Elective (Choose one below)

Literature Survey Courses (Choose one)

  • E211/E212 English Literature I or II

  • E221/E222 World Literature I or II

  • E231/E232 American Literature I or II

Literature Elective Courses (Choose one)

  • E313 Age of Romanticism

  • E405 Shakespeare

  • E314 Victorian Age

  • E406 Milton

  • E334 The Short Story

  • E415 Contemporary Literature

  • E335 The English Novel

  • E416 Modern British Writers

  • E374 Studies in Jane Austen

  • E425 20th Century American Literature

  • E404 Studies in John Calvin

  • E453 Psychoanalytic Criticism

Potential Careers

  • Christian school administrator

  • Christian college administrator

  • Christian / NGO Organization Director

  • Church administrator

  • Missions director

  • Pastor

  • Master of Business Administration

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Core Courses

Accounting for Non-Profits
Ministry Administration Practicum
Human Resources Management
Business Internship
The Church as a Legal Institution
+ Business Administration Courses (40 units)
Essentials of Christian Thought
Old Testament Survey 1 and 2
New Testament Survey 1 and 2
Christian Theology 1 and 2
Theology of the Church
Full Degree Checklist

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