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Biblical Languages, B.A. in Biblical Studies

The Biblical Languages emphasis consists of three years of Biblical Greek and one year of Hebrew. It is designed primarily for those desiring graduate work, either in seminary or in languages and Bible translation.

  • 10:1 student-teacher ratio allowing for an unparalleled level of teacher-student mentorship and a high-level of scholarship

  • Biblical Languages: Students will have a working knowledge of Greek or Hebrew, be able to apply hermeneutics to correctly interpret the biblical text, and understand ministry from a biblical perspective.

  • Israel Bible Extension (IBEX): TMU is the only campus to offer an entire semester abroad in Israel. Students can spend a semester studying the Bible in the land it occurred and earn 15-18 units. Tuition is the same as on-campus; the only additional cost is the student’s airfare.

  • ACBC Counseling We are one of the first campuses to offer a Biblical Counseling degree, and one of the few to hold to ACBC counseling vs. integrational models.

  • Continue your education with the TMU Master’s of Biblical Studies (MABS)

William C. Varner’s top 3 reasons to study Biblical Languages: Why Study the Biblical Languages

Degree Requirements for the Bachelors in Biblical Studies (B.A.), emphasis in Biblical Languages

Download the full degree checklist (pdf) here:

Degree Checklist

BIBLE (21 Units)

  • B121 Essentials of Christian Thought

  • B101 Old Testament Survey I

  • B102 Old Testament Survey II

  • B201 New Testament Survey I

  • B202 New Testament Survey II

  • BTH321 Christian Theology I

  • BTH322 Christian Theology II


  • B341 Hermeneutics

  • B400 Senior Integrative Seminar

  • B490 Senior Comp Exam

  • Bible Elective


  • P311 Philosophy or BCW363 Apologetics

  • E110 English Composition

  • ECN200 Essentials of Economics & Society

  • H211 Essentials of World History I

  • H212 Essentials of World History II

  • H230 Essentials of U.S. History

  • LS150 Essentials of Biology or GS150 Essentials of Geology

  • LS150L Essentials of Biology Lab

  • MU190 Essentials of Music & Art or MU333 Worship & Songs

  • C100 Spoken Communication or BMN 370/310 Sermon Prep/Message Prep for Women

  • POL220 U.S. Government

  • MA240 Critical Thinking

  • Literature Survey (Choose one, see below “Literature Survey”)

  • Literature Elective (Choose one, see below “Literature Survey” or “Literature Elective”)

BIBLICAL LANGUAGES (47 Total units required)

  • BL301 Elementary Greek 1

  • BL302 Elementary Greek 2

  • BL311 Elementary Hebrew 1

  • BL312 Elementary Hebrew 2

  • BL401 Intermediate Greek 1

  • BL402 Intermediate Greek 2

  • BL422 Greek Exegesis

  • BL461 Advanced Greek Grammar

  • Bible Electives (10 Units)

Literature Survey

  • E211 English Literature I

  • E212 English Literature II

  • E221 World Literature I

  • E222 World Literature II

  • E231 American Literature

  • E232 American Literature II

Literature Elective

  • E120 Introduction to Literature

  • E313 Age of Romanticism

  • E314 Victoria Age

  • E334 The Short Story

  • E335 The English Novel

  • E374 Studies in Jane Austen

  • E404 Studies in John Calvin

  • E405 Shakespeare

  • E406 Milton

  • E415 Contemporary Literature

  • E416 Modern British Writers

  • E425 20th Century American Literature

  • E453 Psychoanalytic Criticism

Potential Careers

Core Courses

Old Testament Survey I
Old Testament Survey 2
New Testament Survey 1
New Testament Survey 2
Essentials of Christian Thought
Elementary Greek 1 and 2
Elementary Hebrew 1 and 2
Intermediate Greek 1 and 2
Greek Exegesis
Advanced Greek Grammar

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