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Biblical Counseling Emphasis, B.A. in Biblical Studies (BABC)

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Biblical Counseling is the fastest growing and most in-demand emphasis at TMU. Students study the principles and aspects of biblical counseling designed to prepare God’s people to meet counseling-related needs wherever they exist with the sufficient and superior resources God provides. The course of study trains students to counsel and help people while ensuring doctrinal integrity and excellence in biblical counseling. It emphasizes the proper interpretation and specific application of Scripture in ministering to people.

  • 10:1 student-teacher ratio allows for a high level of teacher-student mentorship and applied learning

  • World-Class Faculty including Dr. John Street and Dr. Stuart Scott at the helm in the MABC, two of the premier leaders of the biblical counseling movement, share their decades of pastoral and academic experience.

  • ACBC Counseling & Certification: holding to ACBC counseling vs. integrational models

  • GO! Global Outreach: partner with TMU Missionary Alumni and serve the local churches in India, China, South Africa, Philippines, Ecuador, Ukraine, and others, while advancing studies.

  • Our graduates emerge as faithful counselors or ministers who are also leaders in the biblical counseling movement. Graduates may also continue into graduate school or vocations in health, teaching, engineering, and others.

  • Continue your education with the TMU Masters of Biblical Counseling (MABC)

Classes include:

  • BC337 Crisis and Youth Counseling: This course is designed to discuss critical issues about young people and to equip students to understand and address the heart desires that often drive these problems. Such questions might include but are not limited to, gender issues, marriage, purity, death in the family, and school.

  • BC340 Marriage & Family: Marriage and family problems are present in the majority of counseling cases. This course will give an overview of general marriage and family counseling issues relating to the content and process of counseling. It will then proceed to specifically deal (from a biblical perspective) with the significant difficulties that troubled marriages and families experience. Included in the course are discussions of the biblical basis and purposes of marriage, family stages, in-law problems, developing unity, husband/wife roles and responsibilities, correcting communication problems, why conflicts arise, and how to resolve them.

  • BC362 Biblical Conflict Resolution: This course is designed to help the student think biblically about conflict and how to respond to life’s conflicts in a way that glorifies the Lord (1 Cor. 10:31). In particular, the student will be taught a model and a plan for how to think about struggles in relationships and evaluate their own typical patterns of response. These principles apply to business and the church, but there will be a special focus on handling marriage difficulties.

Degree Requirements for the Bachelors in Biblical Studies (B.A.), emphasis in Biblical Counseling

Our curriculum and program design are second to none, uniquely poised to train a biblical counselor in the challenges and skills needed for ministry now and the next decade. Download the full degree checklist (pdf) here:

Degree Checklist

Potential Careers

  • Biblical Counselor

  • Pastor

  • Missionary

  • Teacher

  • Worship Leader

  • Editor

  • Author

  • Translator

MA in Biblical Counseling

Master of Biblical Studies

Core Courses

Essentials of Christian Thought
Old Testament Survey I
Old Testament Survey 2
New Testament Survey 1
New Testament Survey 2
Christian Theology 1
Christian Theology 2
Introduction to Biblical Counseling
Theological Basis of Biblical Counseling
Methods of Biblical Change
Marriage and Family
Problems and Procedure 1
Problems and Procedures 2
Applied Counseling Theory
Introduction to Psychology
Elementary Greek or Hebrew, 1 and 2
Bible Book Studies
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