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As A.I technologies develop at a rapid pace, they are becoming an increasingly common presence across industries. TMU’s Artificial Intelligence emphasis equips students with all the fundamental computer science skills a top-shelf technologist needs, as well as the expertise necessary to pursue a career in developing and deploying intelligent machines.

Through studying leading-edge fields such as computer vision, natural language, and machine learning, our students explore the brilliant designs of our Creator evident in the human brain, equipping them to reflect these designs when they build A.I. systems. Since they are patterned after the brain, A.I. are some of the most sophisticated systems humans have ever designed—and yet they are based on elegant and simple concepts, which means that the fundamentals are approachable for undergrad students.

  • • New Engineering & Computer Science center equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • • CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner - USA
  • • A.I. career salaries, as listed on Indeed (2020) range from $88,640 per year (average) for Software Engineer Intern to $147,134 per year for Machine Learning Engineer
  • • 4 of the 8 highest paying cities for A.I. careers are in California

TMU alumni are now employed across the nation in high-visibility and high-productivity roles with some of the most well-known and innovative companies in the world, including Google, Amazon, Oracle, Tesla, Comcast, Intuit, Cloudflare, Raytheon, Nike, Windstream, Northrop Grumman, Electronic Arts, NBCUniversal, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, among many others. They are also strategically placed at Christian ministries and non-profits such as the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society, Answers in Genesis, and locally at Grace Community Church.

What is “natural language processing”?

If you’ve ever said “Hey Siri” or “OK, Google,” you’ve used one of the most popular speech recognition applications of natural language processing. Speech recognition applications are rapidly transforming the health care industry, especially when it comes to medical documentation, and they have also been adopted for military use, computer games, disability services, aerospace projects, home automation, robotics, and much more. Speech recognition, however, is just a small segment of natural language processing. By merging artificial intelligence, computer systems, and linguistics, this rapidly evolving subfield is transforming the way we live and interact.

What is “machine learning”?

Your e-mail spam filter is one of the most common examples of machine learning. Your e-mail client is programmed to learn from your behavior (and the behavior of millions of other users), combined with security software which “learns” what is and isn’t spam or malware. You’ve also likely experienced product recommendations on platforms like Netflix and Amazon, fraud detection through payment services like Paypal, and traffic predictions using Waze or Google Maps. In essence, these computer algorithms are designed to improve automatically as they are used. This raises fascinating questions, including ethical questions like, “Can machines be biased?” Students will explore related topics such as deep learning, data mining, statistics, and optimization.

What is “computer vision”?

Self-driving cars, face recognition, mammography exams, real-time sports tracking, and camera-based translation apps—these all use computer vision, a fascinating subfield of artificial intelligence. Students learn how computer systems can interpret images and videos, then automate tasks based on that understanding. The applications of computer vision are numerous and exciting, especially in industries like medicine, manufacturing, and defense.

Potential Careers

Data Analytics & Data Mining
Senior Software Engineer, NASA A.I. Group
Machine Learning Engineer, Aerospace
Research Programmer, IS Institute
Machine Learning Scientist, Amazon
A.I. Machine Learning Researcher, Dell
Bioinformatics and Machine Learning, Sanofi
Machine Learning Researcher, Toyota
Software Engineer (Machine Learning & Cloud A.I.), Google
Machine Learning & A.I. Developer, Deloitte
Faculty in Computer Science
Senior Director for Data Science and AI in Cybersecurity, VISA

Questions about a potential career? Visit our Student Career Center.

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  • Required statement of faith and pastoral recommendation
  • 3.6 GPA average for new applications

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