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5-Year B.A./M.Div. co-operative TMUS program


5-Year B.A./M.Div. co-operative TMUS program

The 5-Year B.A./M.Div. allows students to receive a B.A. in Biblical Studies (emphasis in Biblical Languages) from The Master’s University and an M.Div. from The Master’s Seminary (TMS) in five years, including a semester at IBEX. This condensed, academically rigorous program provides a streamlined education that allows students to graduate with less debt while preparing them for further education, student ministries, associate pastor positions, or Christian education.

The TMS Master of Divinity program focuses on three areas of special emphasis: Biblical-theological understanding, personal growth, and professional preparation. The M.Div. also provides a basis for further graduate study leading to such degrees as Master of Theology, Doctor of Ministry, or Doctor of Philosophy.

In keeping with TMS’s stated purpose of equipping “men for effectiveness in Christian ministry to the universal body of Christ,” this cooperative program is open to men only.


A student seeking enrollment in this program should express interest to the program director (Dr. Abner Chou) during his freshman year. To continue in the program, the student must demonstrate the following during his sophomore year:

  1. Passing score on at least one seminary PASS (Provision for Advanced Scholastic Standing) exam
  2. Cumulative GPA of 3.6
  3. Acceptance to TMS, after being interviewed by university and seminary staff
  4. Involvement in a local church internship

B.A./M.Div. Program Courses: 109 units

  • Undergraduate Courses at TMU: 31 units
  • Graduate Courses at TMS: 60 units
  • Courses at TMU or TMS: 6 units (electives)
  • IBEX Courses: 12 units

Required PASS Exams In addition to completing the required courses, the student must pass the TMS PASS exams that demonstrate mastery of the following subjects taught in TMU G.E. and major courses:

  • Old Testament Survey I
  • Old Testament Survey II
  • New Testament Survey
  • Elementary Greek
  • Greek Exegesis
  • Elementary Hebrew

Potential Careers

  • Pastor

  • Missionary

  • Bible Translator

  • Biblical Counselor

Further Study:

  • Master of Theology

  • Doctor of Ministry

  • Doctor of Philosophy.

    TMS M.Div

Core Courses

Undergraduate Courses at TMU
Graduate Courses at TMS
IBEX Courses
PASS Exams

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