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Missionary in Residence

The Missionary in Residence (MIR) program is designed to give qualified missionaries an opportunity to minister in an academic setting as a part of the Student Life Department and Biblical Studies Department of The Master’s University. Serving as a global resource the campus, the Missionary in Residence will provide mentoring for the international community and students interested in missions. The Master’s University, in turn, will provide the missionary with a community for their own enrichment spiritually and academically.

The Purpose of the program is:

  • To provide a positive model for the campus of a godly, global servant.

  • To provide mentoring to international students and TCK’s as needed.

  • To promote missions on campus through personal relationships.

  • To offer diverse missions class as needed.

  • To provide an opportunity for personal growth and encouragement of the MIR in an educational environment.

  • To contribute to the mobilization of global servants.

The Master’s University will provide:

  • A furnished, two bedroom, one and a half bath apartment including utilities. (Internet is the responsibility of the MIR.)

  • Three free meals each week and unlimited discounted meals in our Dining Center when meeting with students.

  • Unlimited audited classes.

  • Reimbursement up to a specified amount per semester as determined for receipted expenses of hosting students.

  • Free access to our University and Seminary libraries.

  • Free access to our Fitness Center.

  • Compensation, at the prevailing rate, for any classes taught, not including guest lecturing.

The Missionary in Residence will provide:

  • Active involvement in building relationships with the international community, including international students and TCK’s through personal interaction and activities.

  • Participation in Student Life activities.

  • Relational ministry with students interested in missions.

  • Availability for speaking in classes or other campus events as needed.

  • Expertise in teaching missions or other courses as the class schedule permits.

Contact GO@masters.edu for application materials.

Applications for the following school year due December 31st