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God’s Glory is the Mission

God’s heart for the reconciliation of man to Himself is revealed in the Scriptures from the Garden to the Throne Room. His call is for His people to stand as priests before the world both near and far (1 Peter 2:9).

Partnership–not Parenthood

Teams are servants in ministry to those who are already serving. Teams will focus on the needs of the field, not on their own desires. Teams will be sent to meet the needs of the field, not to have their own needs met.

Vocational Service—not Adventure Vacation

Teams serve through vocation. Teams will travel with the vision that vocation is part of their calling as a Christian. Because of the educational setting of The Master’s College, teams will be placed in situations where students’ vocational training can be utilized.

Simplicity—not Luxury

Teams understand that they will be living simply. The Global Outreach program will strive together with the host missionaries to be good stewards of God’s resources by balancing costs with essential needs.

Cultural Awareness is not Optional

Blunders are expected in cross-cultural situations, but carelessness is not. Leaders and teams will receive training in cross-cultural communication and research methods. They will study the cultural, historical, ecclesiastical, and geopolitical background of their country with the desire to respond Biblically to their new setting.

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