Why Business at TMU?

A high school or transfer student with an interest in studying business has a plethora of options from which to choose. A student may choose to go to community college for a couple years to save money. He or she may chose a large state institution because the price is right and it is a popular choice amongst the student’s peer group. Secular private schools promise great alumni networks and a more intimate classroom environment. Faith-based institutions offer a more controlled social experience. As of the last couple of years, reputable institutions are now offering degrees fully online, which means yet another option for future college attendees.

In the midst of all of these choices, why should someone choose a place like TMU? What makes a business degree from TMU different?

First, TMU business graduates are objectively excellent. TMU business graduates routinely score in the top 2% of students tested at 600 schools across the country in the areas of Finance, Marketing, and Management. TMU graduates were ranked first in California and 8th in the nation in 2015 for their pass rates on the CPA exam. The Wall Street Journal has ranked TMU number 1 in the country for two years in a row as the top “right choice” university. In recent years, the TMU Business Department has been approached by one company after another wanting to hire TMU graduates. In fact, there have been more requests for our graduates than actual graduates.

Second, At TMU, we not only teach our business students the knowledge, skills, and values needed to succeed in the workplace, but we also teach them the knowledge, skills, and values to succeed in life. Our business curriculum is designed to work synergistically with our General Education and Bible courses to prepare students for life after college. Our graduates are prepared for anything life can throw at them professionally and personally.

Third, TMU Business majors are challenged in the classroom. We actively resist the trend in all of education toward grade inflation. The result is that TMU business students work harder for their grades and their degrees, which shows in their standardized testing results. It also shows in their post graduate professional success. Our graduates enter the workplace with a skill set and worth ethic that makes them exceptional.

Fourth, the TMU business faculty teach our graduates to work hard, work smart, and most of all work for the Lord. We want our graduates to honor and glorify the Lord through their work. Our faculty work to not only teach our students what to do in all business situations, but why they are doing it. It is our goal for graduates to glorify God through their post graduate activities. In doing so, they will do whatever they do with excellence and for the right reason.

So, why Business at TMU?

With a degree from the TMU Business Department, a graduate is well positioned to excel, thrive, and advance professionally. We promise all of our students a high-quality business education put through a biblical filter. Finally, the faculty teaching for the TMU Business Department are fully invested and dedicated to the educational, professional, and personal success of each student.

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