WASC Update: A Statement From the President

The Master’s University and Seminary has been subject to a long process to continue the multi-year accreditation it has had since 1975.

The current probation status for TMUS remains in place while we work to demonstrate our intention to complete all compliance issues fully.

The process is still ongoing, as WSCUC has required us to address one primary issue — to demonstrate that the TMUS Board is operating independently by maintaining an orderly transition to inaugurate a new President by May, 2020.

That is the Board’s plan which I support.

It has been an incomparable blessing for me to have the joy of 33 years serving the University and Seminary.

In October I wrote a letter to announce this transition and my willingness to serve in the future as Chancellor.

WSCUC, in their latest report, identified no deficiencies with academics or finances.

The primary issue they desire to see is the progress on the transition. We are on schedule and will be working with the folks at WSCUC to provide evidence of that progress.

I will continue to serve as President as long as the board desires.

Both the University and Seminary are in a strong position for the future because the Board, the staff, administration and faculty are exceptional — and our students and alumni love their school.

The Lord is with us to bless us and to honor His Name.

John MacArthur, President

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