TMU New Transfer Policy

Things have gotten easier for students looking to transfer to The Master’s University.

TMU strives to offer students a Christ-centered education within reach for all. Our aim is to keep tuition affordable while offering flexibility to transfer students. To that end we have updated our transfer requirements to help make transferring to Master’s seamless and help students graduate more quickly.

Students with community college classes, AP units, an Associate degree, those enrolled in athletic programs, online classes, or with other transferable classes, may now apply or request transcript re-evaluation for Fall 2019, or later by sending transcripts to an admissions counselor for academic advising at any time.

Transfer students who have satisfied all of the requirements for IGETC (CSU, UC) or BREADTH prior to enrolling at TMU will be considered to have their non-Bible GE class requirements complete. No further non-Bible GE classes will be required at TMU.

Transfers with 24 units or more will only need to satisfy one Bible course per semester until graduation. The first four courses must be Old Testament 1-2 and New Testament 1-2. Whether it’s a specific Bible course or not, each student at Master’s is taught the Bible in every class as we look to provide graduates an unshakable foundation of Scripture as they embark on a life of impact for the Savior.

Alumni Focus Eric Durso

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